Her Friend Cheated and Got Knocked Up by Another Man, Should She Tell Her Lying Friend’s Husband the Truth?

A woman recently shared a story where she feels that she should tell her friend's husband that she is pregnant with another man's child. We'll call her Lucy.

Talk About Awkward

Lucy explained that her friend has been having an affair with one of her coworkers for a while now. Lucy stayed out of it but has voiced concerns to her friend privately. She knows it's not really her business, but she feels bad for her friend's husband and current children. Her friend keeps telling her she wants to divorce her husband but never follows through.

She takes her two sons out to dinner on family date nights with the new guy and her husband is apparently oblivious. A month ago, Lucy's friend confided in her that she was pregnant, but she knew it wasn't her husband's. Lucy asked her what she was going to do and she said she doesn't know, but that she intends to keep seeing her boyfriend while staying with her husband.

Lucy wants to tell her husband even though she thinks it's not her place. She feels terrible for him because he's a really nice guy. Lucy told her friend that she has 24 hours to come clean to her husband or she will tell him everything. She wants to give her friend the chance to do the right thing and fix the situation herself. Her friend responded, “not really your place, but alright.”

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The Masses Weigh In

Plenty of people had things to say about the friend's situation.

One person said, “YWNBTA to tell him, tho she will think you are and will lose the friendship. And frankly, why would you want to stay friends with someone like that? He deserves to know. He may not believe you at first. So take some proof with you if you have it. If there’s a way to tell him anonymously, that might be a good idea too.”

Another person added, “Please tell him. He deserves the truth. He doesn't deserve to be legally trapped caring for a child that isn't his because his wife wants to have her cake and eat it, too. Also, rethink the type of people you're friends with. She's wilfully inserting those children (including the one she pregnant with) into an emotionally precarious situation with what she's doing, and that's going to cause those children to feel confused, guilty, and hurt later on. Is this really someone you want in your life?”

Another person warned her that she needs to be prepared to lose the friendship over this. “NTA, though be prepared to lose this friendship. I'm not a huge fan of getting involved in other people's relationships, and I think I'd stay out of it were it just a one-night-stand with no consequences, but this woman has been having a full-on affair and is carrying another man's child. Her husband deserves to know.

Be prepared the information might not be received well, by anyone, but I think you'd be doing the husband a favor by divulging this information. Better for him to know now than for everyone to find out some horrible way, years down the line. Ultimately, it's only your friend who is an AH here for cheating.”

Should OP tell her friend's husband? Or should she stay out of it and let her friend dig her own grave? How would you have reacted in this situation?

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