10 Behaviors of Insecure People

Each of us often hears those annoying doubts and fears called insecurities. Sometimes, without knowing it, people let those self-doubts get the best of them. It sends a message through actions that tell that a person is insecure. Everybody is curious to know. Many people expressed themselves online that these are the clues to being unsure. 

1. Couple Twinning on Social Media Accounts

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People who match with their partners on social media accounts are perceived as insecure. It is because they lack their identity. They always feel obliged to seek online validation and prove their bond to everyone. To do this, they need their partner's support. This behavior makes them dependent on their other half.

2. Craving Praise and Constantly Seeking Recognition

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Even though receiving praise from others feels fantastic, it can come across as lacking self-confidence if one is always seeking it. Remember that just because someone doesn't see one's value, it doesn't make them any less valuable. A person is known for his qualities and values. People should believe in themselves. They are far more capable than they realize. 

3. Self-Disapproving Humor

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A little self-criticizing humor can be fun, but when a person always does this, it looks like they are not comfortable with who they are. This gives the impression that a person is insecure. The constant jokes might be covering up some insecurities. But people should think of themselves as more than just a punchline. 

4. Dish It Out, Can't Take It

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Joking with friends is enjoyable, but it may be a sign of insecurity if you find it difficult to take a little lighthearted teasing. Learning from own mistakes improves personality. One should be prepared to take it with a grain of salt to dish it out. 

5. Unable To Recognize Unknowing

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Those who claim to know everything, from the distance between the moon and Earth to the recent trends, are considered insecure. They fear that they might appear dumb or stupid for not having all the answers. It's perfectly okay not to know everything, as nobody does. Confident people are open to learning and finding solutions. They value growth. 

6. Disrespecting the Work of Others

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People find it hard to celebrate others' achievements. They start to mock them instead. This behavior signals insecurity that one is not confident about their accomplishments. Someone else's success doesn't take away one own hit. A person should support others. Be a cheerleader for them, not a critic. Being happy for others is a quality of a good person. 

7. Belittling Others

Two businesspeople bullying a sad colleague that is sitting in her workplace at office
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Individuals who always have something negative to say about someone else do this to make themselves feel superior. Regularly belittling others can be a sign of insecurities. It is said that one who criticizes others for what they hate in themselves. People should lift others. It's much more fulfilling and makes you look good. Kindness and respect show strength. 

8. Self-Promotion as “Alpha Males”

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For those who flex their alpha status by highlighting their control all the time, it shows that they have fears. It does reflect the social dynamics. This signals insecurity about one's place in the pack or their family. Being a team player and leading by example often speaks louder than boasting about being a group leader. 

9. Declaring One's Own Personality

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People who constantly announce their personality traits come off as insecure. It's always better to let actions speak for themselves. Instead of telling people about the kind of person they think they are, their vibes give off their true selves. After all, actions do speak louder than words.

10. Impressing the Crowd With Showy Purchases

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People who buy flashy things to show off to others are insecure from the inside. This kind of behavior shows insecurity about his status. It tells about his financial stability. Material possessions don't determine true worth. One should always see the person for who he is. Making false status gets a person nowhere. True people are always liked.

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