“He’s Abusing You” 10 Ways An Ex Can Haunt You After Leaving

Anyone who has ever faced a breakup will definitely say that breakup is one of the worst things. It’s the trauma and emotional turmoil that is attached to a split. Many people get into the worst mental phase after their separation. Emotional pain is one thing, but your ex can leave you with more than emotional trauma. Here are a few ways your ex can do more damage than emotional pain.

1. Anxiety and Stress

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When you are in a relationship, you make many plans with your partner. Your plan your whole life ahead. As you break up and separate, all those plans turn into ashes. When you are uncertain about your future, it gives you anxiety. Leaving you fearing the future, your ex can give you a lot of stress and anxiety.

2. Insomnia

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The primary cause of insomnia in people is stress. It’s the stress that disturbs their sleeping cycle. If your dear one leaves you, you keep remembering them. Your whole day might be full of chaos and a rigid routine. At night, when at peace with yourself, your brain recalls you with all the memories of your ex. Leading to a disturbed sleep cycle.

3. Fatigue

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People think that breakup only causes emotional pain. They don’t know that emotional pain causes much more than they can imagine. The whole body is affected by this emotional stress. It takes away your motivation to do better. You get exhausted so quickly, feeling fatigued all the time.

4. Lose of Appetite

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Emotional turmoil is also related to your appetite and eating habits. When under stress, the human body releases hormones, affecting appetite. For many people, stress causes loss of appetite. So they spend a big chunk of time without eating. For many others, their focus becomes the driver of increased hunger, and they binge eat.

5. Lack of Focus

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After a couple of breakups, both partners face this issue. The more sensitive one feels it more than the other one. They face a lack of concentration due to emotional stress. They are disturbed by the memories of their ex and the happy time they spend together. It becomes difficult for them to focus on their day-to-day tasks.

6. Fear of Abandonment

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One of the significant things your breakup and ex can give you is the fear of abandonment. For those who don’t know about the fear of abandonment, it’s a trauma response. When someone leaves you suddenly and unexpectedly, your brain stores this as trauma in your body. It causes problems to move on with another partner as it gives trust issues.

7. Low Self-Esteem

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With so much emotional pain, your ex can give you low self-esteem. It can happen to anyone because toxic partners can do unimaginable damage. People have faced partners who are so mean and toxic to them. Such partners criticize you more than they appreciate you. Due to this, the graph of your self-esteem goes down instead of going upwards.

8. Social Withdrawal

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People tend to withdraw themselves from social settings whenever they go through a lot. They avoid their friends, family, and any kind of social setting. This is because they don’t want to tell others about their mental conditions. So they isolate themselves from their social circles.

9. Heartaches

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You might have heard many times that your ex gives your headaches. But along with the headaches, many others give heartaches. The stress, emotional turmoil, and abandonment gather to cause heart pain. It’s not like a heart attack, but it can be severe chest pain. Doctors are also identifying breakups as the cause of such heartache.

10. Weakened Immune System

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People who have faced relationship breakups and their ex leaving them often face this issue. Their immune system gets weakened due to heavy emotional stress. Strangely, the human body starts attacking its own healthy cells during stress. Many people face inflammation in their bodies. This leads to a weak immune system, impairing the body’s normal functioning.

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