His Gift Was ‘Too Good,’ Made Other Husbands Furious, Did He Go Too Far?

A Reddit user told his story of being told he made his girlfriend's sisters' husbands look bad because of the Valentine's Day gift he gave her.

Spreading the Love

The original poster (OP) explained that he has a high-paying job that often requires him to drop everything and travel. He also said that his girlfriend loves flowers more than anything, and that they're her favorite thing in the world. He said she makes him stop the car when they are driving so she can take pictures of pretty flowers.

Early on in their relationship, OP had to miss something important without notice. To make up for it, he sent her three dozen roses. He said she loved it and told him that he set the bar and that going forward he needed to send her three dozen roses if he was going to let her down. OP knew she was joking, but he took it to heart.

They have been together for three years, and he would always send her three dozen roses when they had to be apart. He said it is a tradition they both love.

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Outshining the Others

OP said that his girlfriend got some bad news about a family member's health a couple of weeks ago and went to be with them. OP couldn't join, but her sisters and their husbands went back too. Valentine's Day came around, and although it wasn't his fault they couldn't celebrate together, he ordered a gift for her that included three dozen roses, candy, and a stuffed animal. The day of, he got a notification that the shipment was going to be late and he didn't want her to get nothing for Valentine's Day so he called around to florists in the area she was in and found one who would deliver for a fee.

He ended up ordering another three dozen roses for her. FedEx was able to deliver the original package on time, so his girlfriend ended up with six dozen roses, two cards, two boxes of chocolates, and a teddy bear. She joked that he had raised the bar again and she now expected six dozen roses when they were apart.

Jokes aside, he could tell she appreciated the effort. However, the next day he received angry messages from her sisters' husbands saying he had made them look bad. One of them got his wife a leftover bouquet of half-dead tulips, and the other didn't get his wife anything at all. His girlfriend ended up sharing the roses with her sisters so they could all feel special, but it was clear that the gift was from OP.

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OP's girlfriend's parents called him and said he should apologize because her sisters' husbands can't afford to get nice things for their wives for Valentine's Day. They said that they see that OP and his girlfriend's relationship is going in the direction of marriage, and since they will be a family, they think he should make peace with the other two men.

OP said that while he understands where they're coming from, he genuinely didn't realize that OP's sisters' husbands were going to be such “terrible” partners that they thought it was acceptable to not even bring their wives flowers. OP does acknowledge that he could be wrong for holding them to the same standard as he has set for his own relationship.

Should OP apologize to the husbands for his gift? Should he hold them to the same standard and let them feel bad? How would you have reacted in this situation?

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