10 Hobbies Women Find Unattractive in Men

Everyone has different hobbies, from sports to video games or even meditation. But sometimes hobbies become too much of an obsession, and the person becomes unattractive. Here's what some users say are the least attractive hobbies.

1. All Work and No Play

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One user said, “I'm not even lying. I met a guy once whose only hobby was working. So when he's at work, he works. And when he's at home, he also works. And during holidays, it's also him and his excel sheets. Man can't even watch a movie without typing away on his financial report.”

Another user commented, “I dated a guy like that, and it was miserable. He would work from 9 to 9. And he genuinely couldn't understand how people could take vacations for longer than three days. This guy would bring his laptop on a trip with friends, and after socializing for 3-4 days, he would return to working on his laptop while still abroad.”

2. Gambling

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“I dated a gambler. He even wanted me to partake in it with him. He saw no problem with spending $30 or more a week on lottery tickets but complained about how the bank closed out his account because he owed them $500.” one user said.

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3. Anime

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One user confessed, “As much as I like anime and manga, I will admit if I meet a guy in their public space in their home, and they show their hentai posters and figures, I'd be a little worried.”

4. Working Out

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“I knew a guy at work who, for some reason, loves to go into great detail about his triathlon training routine.” one user stated. “He would say how frustrating it is that even though his wife knows he needs to get his 67.5 minutes of bike riding and a 2 kilometer swim each afternoon, she still bugs him to help with their kids. That woman deserves a chest full of medals for dealing with him.”

5. Too Much Social Media

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One user shared, “This is my boyfriend's hobby, and it can drive me mad. I'd understand if the content was related to a hobby, but it's all trash. Stupid influencers telling you how you should live your life, stories with a robot voice, and TV clips sped up.”

“He gets so immersed he can neglect to help me around the house or listen properly when I ask a question.”

6. Aggressive Sports Fan

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One user pointed out that not all sports fans are bad, just the kind with anger issues. “the kind that screams at the tv, can't miss watching a game, etc. I think the aggressiveness over a game is just a turn-off.”

Another user spoke up, “If I'm scheduling something important with someone, and that person prefers to watch a soccer game, something that will not cease to exist and happens very often, over the plans I'm doing, I'm never planning anything else with that person again.”

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7. Video Gaming

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“I might get hate for this, but if you play video games all day every day, it's not a hobby anymore.” commented one user. “It is a way to avoid pain and anxiety. Like spending ten hours a day on TikTok, constant gaming is a sign of something that needs to be addressed in your life.”

“Absolutely nothing wrong with video games in general. The dose makes the poison just like with alcohol.” Another user added, “Guys who stay locked inside playing video games all day. You do you, but that is just not a life I want to live.”

8. Collecting Children's Toys

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“I'm sorry, but a full-grown man collecting My Little Pony stuff to a large degree is very off-putting. If I go into a guy's bedroom and there is a life-sized plush of a pony, I'm leaving.” Confessed one user.

9. Vaping

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One user claimed, “Vaping, as in they make their flavors and modified devices and then blow smoke rings everywhere to look cool. All you do is create big clouds of vape smoke that no one can see through, but all have to smell.”

10. Cars

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One user said, “I dated a guy who was really into cars, and part of the reason we didn't work out was that he just wanted to talk about cars all the time and spent too much money on car parts.”

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“I don't judge people who are into cars, that's cool for them, but it's just not interesting to me, and if a guy's going to talk about cars constantly and spend all his money on a car, we can't hang out. I can't handle it.”

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