“Hollywood Is So Fake” 10 Aspects of Movies That Gross Fans Out

Movies are often an escape from reality, but sometimes they portray things far from realistic. From the way, people drink from straws to the sound of taking a sword out of a sheath. Recently on a platform, people have shared several things that are often portrayed unrealistically in movies.

1. Hollywood's Unrealistic Plane Sounds

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Did you know that in movies, whenever a plane dives, it always makes the sound of a Stuka dive bombing, even if it's not the right type of aircraft? The first user points out that whenever a plane dives in movies, it always makes the sound of a Stuka dive bombing, regardless of the type of plane being shown. This is an unrealistic portrayal, as not all planes make the same noise when diving. In reality, the sound a plane makes when diving depends on various factors, including the type of aircraft, its speed, altitude, and angle of attack.

2. Foley Artists and Exaggerated Straw Drinking

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Drinking from a straw never sounded so loud! Have you ever noticed that in movies and TV shows, the sound of drinking from a straw is often exaggerated, even if there's only a little liquid left in the cup? Well, one keen user did! Foley artists add a sound effect to emphasize the action, but it can distract viewers from the scene.

3. Shipping Container Myth in Movies

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In movies, there's always plenty of space inside shipping containers or truckloads of goods for people to walk around and move boxes. But another individual pointed out that, in reality, these containers are usually filled to the brim with boxes and goods stacked from floor to ceiling.

4. Truth About Movie Bullet Wounds

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A discerning user observes that bullet wounds and their depiction in movies are often unrealistic. Films tend to show characters getting shot numerous times yet still being able to function, converse and engage in physical altercations for several minutes before finally succumbing to their injuries. In contrast, real-life bullet wounds can cause grave and instantaneous harm, triggering shock, unconsciousness, or even fatality within seconds or minutes.

5. Inconsistent Marksmanship in Movies

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A keen-eyed user notes the peculiar portrayal of hero and villain characters in movies as expert marksmen, capable of taking out any character from any distance or angle with just a single shot. Yet, when they turn their guns on each other, their once-deadly accuracy vanishes, and their aim becomes comically inept, unable to hit even a nearby target just a few feet away.

6. Unrealistic Sound in Movie Conversations

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An astute observer remarks that sitcom characters often shift to the far end of the room to have a discreet conversation, as if the individuals in their immediate vicinity can no longer hear them. This unrealistic depiction of sound and acoustics is common in many popular television shows and films.

7. Hollywood's Flat Plane Space Battles

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Space battles in movies always seem to happen on a flat plane, but did you know that space is three-dimensional and there is no up or down? An observant user highlights the unrealistic representation of space battles in movies, where they are often shown taking place on a two-dimensional plane, similar to the surface of the Earth. Despite this, movies persist in depicting space battles as if on a flat plane.

8. Annoying Movie Sound Effects

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Swords and leather sheaths never sounded so metallic! An individual calls attention to the unrealistic portrayal of sound effects in movies and TV shows when a character draws a sword from a leather sheath. They note that the added sound effect often consists of metallic noise, even though the sheath is leather and would not create such a sound. The user finds this error irritating and unrealistic.

9. Hollywood's Perfect Plan Illusion

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Making plans in movies is never a hassle – it's unrealistic how a group of friends can make plans to meet at a certain time and place, and everyone shows up exactly on time without anyone questioning why they're meeting up in the first place. In reality, plans can often change, people can be late or early, and there's usually some discussion or confirmation about the specifics of the plan before everyone shows up.

10. Misleading Depiction of Glass in Movies

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A wise user highlights the unrealistic depiction of glass in movies, noting how it shatters effortlessly on screen. In actuality, broken glass forms large shards that can cause severe harm. The user points out that jumping or punching through a window in real life would likely lead to lacerations from shattered glass rather than the clean break shown in movies.

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