Homeschool Your Kids: 10 Reasons You Should

Twenty years ago, homeschooling was not nearly popular as it is now. Most people didn't think it was a good idea and thought only weird families homeschooled their kids.

Look how far we've come. 

Today, the number of families choosing to homeschool is increasing every year.  Many parents are subscribing to home education, looking to benefit from the freedom and flexibility this mode of education offers. Is that enough to make you decide to homeschool? Are there other convincing reasons to prefer home learning?

We have compiled some of the most convincing reasons you should homeschool your kids. Don't be surprised if you find yourself trying to persuade your spouse after reading this piece. Let's dive in!

What Does Homeschooling Look Like in 2022?

In the last two years, the number of homeschoolers has tremendously increased. The main reason for this rapid growth is from the global pandemic, which saw schools shut their doors and switch to virtual learning.

While there are some merits to virtual learning, it does have its limitations, and some students struggle with it. Homeschooling became a stopgap measure pending when normalcy returns. 

Now that the scourge of the pandemic has slowly ebbed away, many homes have stuck to homeschooling. Most of them have tasted the benefits of this school model and have decided to continue. 

The National Home Education Research Institute data shows that nearly 4 million students are homeschooled (2021). We believe this number is still on the increase in 2022.

Why Should You Homeschool Your Kids?

1. Customized homeschool curriculum

Learning is easier, faster, and more permanent when customized for an individual. Homeschooling allows you to tweak and modify lessons so your kids can assimilate better. You can easily achieve this because you're not teaching a regular class filled with students with peculiar needs, learning capacities, and quirks.

Personalized learning also helps you bring out the best in your kids because you're fine-tuning lessons according to their needs, skills, and interests. Because you know your kids personally (as a parent and tutor), modifying classes to suit them is a breeze. While this approach helps your kids learn, it also helps you succeed in your role as an instructor.

Regular schools may customize education through specific programs, but the system pales compared to homeschooling. If you want a customized learning approach for your kids, home education is the way to go.

2. Quality time with homeschooling parents

If you want to build close family relationships at home, consider homeschooling your kids. If your child goes to a regular school, they will spend more time with strangers than with family. Even when they're back home, activities will justle for the little time.

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Quality family time encourages honest conversations. Your kids will learn to confide in you instead of their age-mates in a regular school that would most likely give poor advice. Being there to listen to them and instill the correct values as they grow will make you a more proud and fulfilled parent. 

Spending time with family also helps you spot bad behavior and nip them in the bud early on. I could go on and on, but you get the point now.

3. Prevent bullying

Bullying is not acceptable, but it's one of the things your kids might face in school. This study shows that about 20% of students aged 12-18 experience bullying in America. Are you ready to expose your kids to the potential effects?

The impact of bullying is short and long term, and it can affect kids' mental and physical health. When you homeschool your kids, you have effectively removed them from the possibility of ever being bullied. Clear thinking will help boost their learning speed as bullying is a barrier to learning, and you will be protecting their health and wellness.  

4. Homeschool families avoid negative peer pressure

Peer pressure has always been a thing, but its sting is now deadlier. Teens and pre-teens are now exposed to all kinds of content (good and bad) through their internet devices, and schools are the platform where most express themselves. Your kids could pick up negative traits, ideologies, or misdemeanors from other kids in school.

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Homeschooling eliminates the possibility of this happening altogether. Your children won't have close contact with other kids, and you will most likely know their friends because they would be in the same neighborhood. It is easier to monitor their interactions, pick up on unsavory counsel and take action early.

5. No subject censorship

Topic or subject censorship is prevalent in our schools today, and it has reached the point where laws prevent schools or teachers from discussing certain subjects or subjects that create discomfort, guilt, or distaste. This development leaves teachers in a tough spot and school children not getting the whole story.

Teachers are on a tight leash when many topics, but not you if you have decided to homeschool your kids. You are the authority that determines what your child learns, and that power is absolute. 

You have the freedom to cover sensitive ideas regular school teachers won't and shouldn’t attempt.

How will this benefit your kids? They will be well-rounded students and be shoulder higher than regular school students.

6. Safe environment

One of the most important roles a parent plays in the life of their kids is to protect them. Agree? Yes. You want to keep them safe at all times. Over time, traditional schools have shown not to be a haven for kids, from bullying to physical violence and the horrific school shootings that are now more prevalent.

Every Town Research reports that since 2013 there have been 875 incidents of school shootings that have resulted in 285 deaths and 594 injuries. That's a tragic figure! It is unsurprising that as these incidents increase, many more parents are opting for homeschooling for safety. You might want to consider this too.

7. Better care for special children

Do you have a special needs child? Arguably, the best learning institution for them is your home. Nobody can provide the same level of care you are willing to offer that child. Why? Because you're not a teacher, you will be more compassionate, understanding, and patient with them.

Again, you can easily customize learning for your child since they're the only ones you have to teach. Even if you have other children, it is easier to tweak the curriculum and approach when homeschooling than with an entire class of students.

8. You travel a lot

If your job makes you travel a lot and you have to move with the family each time, that's a good reason to consider homeschooling. Changing your kid's school every year will affect several aspects of their life, not only academics. And you don't want them to blame you for destabilizing their lives.

Whether for work or leisure, homeschooling offers a better learning opportunity for frequent travelers. At the very least, the school goes with you wherever you go. So, the kids won't miss their old teachers, schoolmates, or anything that may tie them to school. 

9. Less expensive than private school

Compared to private school, you will save a lot of money when you homeschool. You won't have to spend on school uniforms, tuition, or activities. The cost is significantly less. 

Homeschooling will specifically help families struggling financially or families saving for a project. 

10. Academic and career success

Lastly, homeschooled children tend to do better academically and in life, and studies back that up. Homeschooled kids get personalized learning, focus on their interests, and learning is done in a loving and encouraging environment. Why won't they fare better?

You, too, can create this opportunity for your kids when you decide that homeschooling is a better option. 

Homeschool Families

Should you homeschool your kids? That's a question only you (parents) can answer. If you carefully consider the ten reasons discussed in this post, it is easy to see why many families choose to homeschool their kids. That said, weigh your options and be sure of your decision. Homeschooling is great, but it does have some challenges. If you can manage them, why not?


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