10 Things People Secretly Judge Others For

Passing judgments on people can make them both uncomfortable & awkward. It is often done to assert superiority, express disapproval & satisfy ego. However, people sometimes have certain traits that make them prone to being judged and criticized by people. The reason why people secretly judge is to avoid social conflicts and fear of confrontation. Here are ten honest confessions that people may judge others for, often without vocalizing their opinions:

1. Speaking Loudly in Public

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Ever witnessed somebody speaking awkwardly loudly in public that you got embarrassed? If you’re an introvert, then it becomes a cherry on top. The majority of people secretly judge others for this as they feel it invading their privacy. A netizen explains that in Japan, trains and buses are deliberately quiet due to the importance of acknowledging others' comfort to protect their mental health.

2. Littering

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The psychology that has led us here narrows to the thinking: what would one’s litter make a difference? It is not only the respective authorities' responsibility to ensure an immaculate environment but more at the individual level. On an online platform, a user argues, saying how do people have the audacity to litter? If they can't clean their surroundings, they shouldn't contribute to its sustainability.

3. Attention Seeking

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People who complain about the same problems all the time are the ones who are not looking for a solution but merely others’ attention. They wouldn’t just seek attention in person but also online for the sake of some likes and comments. A famous quote by John Wooden states, “Champions never complain they are too busy getting better.” This pseudo approach can often lead the surrounding people to be frustrated instead of carving out a way for a solution.

4. Flaunting Wealth

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The world is full of cultural heritage with thousands of languages, millions of dress codes & uncountable souvenir food dishes in every country. What's common is that all are driven by money. In some cultures, it is kept low, while others may openly flaunt money. People often judge them as it is seen as a lack of humility and generosity, which can be contributed towards charitable causes over showing off.

5. Backbiting

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We all have people in our social circle who would causally backbite about others. A backbiting person reflects an immature personality, character assassination, and lack of integrity, indicating a red flag for trustworthiness and the potential to drag down others. Reacting to a social media post, a user opined that either people should gather enough to speak to their face or stop trash-talking at their backs. 

6. Valuing Richness Over Poverty

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An individual’s wealth does not define how he deserves to be treated. Only materialistic and superficial people who lack basic empathy can value it in their social circle. The capitalist approach fosters social class disparities and creates barriers, potentially causing a loss of genuine interactions. In an online interview, an NGO founder criticized those who bootlick the rich & avoid trying to eliminate the poor as hypocrites worshiping money.

7. Table Manners

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The art of being a gentleman at the table can be described as table manners. These are the reflection of a person’s upbringing, social skills & respect for the guest. Being constantly on the phone, starting off before guests & talking while chewing food is considered poor table manners. These can leave the other person uncomfortable and undervalued & with a negative impression of what you are as a person.

8. Hyper Critic

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Sometimes, you would find people going out of their way to criticize people, things, their working approach, and whatnot. Generally, it is a way for narcissistic people to vent out their frustration that they cannot channel, for which they often get judged as well. In an online discussion, a user expresses frustration with their friend who consistently finds negativity in everything. He argues that changing our perspective can lead to a shift in our perception of things.

9. Foul Language

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Using foul language spreads to exert influence and sound cool, among others. While not everyone may take a stand, many do secretly judge others for their abusive language. A man is known by the company he keeps. Therefore, people should avoid such people who can affect their character, stunt their mental growth, or negatively shape their personalities. Its constant use over time ruins personal values and the capability to distinguish b/w right & wrong.

10. Dressing Sense

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Our attire communicates more than anything about our personality, but this doesn't mean stereotyping people based on their dress or appearance. A person's professionalism is influenced by their attire and cleanliness. People secretly judge others' clothing to determine their social status, insecurity, and conflict of influences. Somebody confessed anonymously that they judge a person based on what shoes they are wearing & how clean they are.

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