Hot and High IQ: 10 Stars Who Have Surprisingly High IQs

The complete form of IQ is the Intelligence Quotient, a numerical way of measuring one's Intelligence. The world has progressed enough to know this number doesn't mean anything in the real world, but it's fun to know, right? Celebrity IQs are an exciting topic because, when we usually think of celebrities, we don't associate “academia” vocabulary with them. But don't be quick to judge; some of these celebrities are way smarter than anyone we know!

1. Rowan Atkinson

Rowan Atkinson.
Photo Credit: Shutterstock.

You may know Rowan Atkinson by his infamous character, Mr. Bean, who is a bit stupid, unlike Atkinson himself. The iconic Mr. Bean is a silent comedy, so it's difficult for people to make this association with Rowan Atkinson, who has an IQ of 178, which falls in the category of exceptionally gifted. The gifted actor holds a Bachelor's and a Master's of Science in electrical engineering. 

2. Lady Gaga

Image Credit: Shutterstock.

Lady Gaga, a pop culture queen and renowned musician, reportedly has an IQ of 166. This puts her amongst the top 0.1% of the population. Gaga may not have joined the world of academia, yet she still has used her exceptional skills, talent, and giftedness to create a new genre of art and music. It definitely takes someone as bright as her to create art the way she does. 

3. Quentin Tarantino

Quentin Tarantino.
Photo Credit: Shutterstock.

Unlike other gifted celebrities who pursued education along with their careers in entertainment, Tarantino never went to college. In fact, he revealed that he dropped out of high school despite having an IQ of 160! Still, his brilliance cannot be questioned after some of the masterpieces he has created, such as Pulp Fiction, The Kill Bill series, and more. 

4. Matt Damon 

Good Will Hunting, Matt Damon
Image Credit: Miramax Films

Matt Damon reportedly has an IQ of 160, to which he owes his career. Damon's breakout role was in the movie Good Will Hunting, the script of which he had written for an English assignment – imagine that! Only a genius could have their assignment be made into a real movie! Damon was also a pupil of Harvard University.

5. Lisa Kudrow

Photo Credit: Shutterstock.

Lisa Kudrow is better known for her hit role in Friends. She reportedly has an IQ of 152, which is ironic because she is known for playing the character Phoebe Buffet, a well-known airhead. In real life, Kudrow is brilliant and has a Bachelor of Science in Psychobiology from Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, New York. 

6. Nolan Gould 

Nolan Gould 
Photo Credit: Shutterstock.

Nolan is famous for playing a character on TV who is well-known as the not-so-smart character, Luke Dunphy, on Modern Family. However, Nolan is unlike his real-life character. In an interview, he revealed he has an IQ of 150 and is a member of Mensa, the world's oldest and largest high-IQ society. 

7. Ben Affleck

Photo Credit: Shutterstock.

With two Academy Awards under his belt, Ben Affleck is a well-known actor and filmmaker. He is best known for his role as Bruce Wayne/Batman in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. He has an IQ of 154, went to the University of Vermont, and then later studied Middle Eastern affairs at Occidental College. 

8. Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman.
Photo Credit: Shutterstock.

Natalie is a successful actress in the entertainment industry and has worked in many critically acclaimed films. She has an IQ of 140 and reportedly speaks five different languages (English, German, French, etc.). She has a degree in psychology from Harvard University and has been published in peer-reviewed journals. Talk about smart!

9. Jodie Foster

Jodie Foster.
Photo Credit: Shutterstock.

As an actress, Jodie Foster has garnered much appreciation and fame for her outstanding performances. In the industry, she is known as a knowledgeable individual with an IQ of 132. She understands five languages (English, Spanish, German, French, and Italian) and has graduated with honors from Yale.

10. James Franco

James Franco.
Photo Credit: Shutterstock.

Franco is famous for his unusual and eclectic interests, but do not be fooled by his goofy persona. He is passionate about education and has an IQ of 130. James graduated from well-known schools, such as Colombia and UCLA, where he was invited to teach a few courses! On top of that, Franco even published a poetry book.

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