How to Survive College Life and Graduate Debt-Free

A college is a place where students can make decisions independently, especially when they are miles away from their parents.

However, maintaining a balance between luxury lifestyle, education, and other needs sometimes becomes more complicated, which plays a significant role in making us indebted. Following are some tips that will assist you in managing your college life expertly.

1. Explore Discounted Options for Your Course Materials

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The key to living on a limited budget is to keep every step carefully and look for the things that can be bought at a discount rate or have been used in the past. 

Additionally, you can obtain the book you need from your college or university's library, make essential notes from the class assessments, and borrow books from your classmates.

2. Maximize Your Savings With Student Discounts

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Many companies, restaurants, websites, and museums offer student discounts. They can easily get discounted clothes and foods, visit historical places, install apps, or browse websites that have designed a free or discounted section to print out course material, convert files into desired ones, or help them solve grammatical problems.

3. Make a Budget-Friendly Plan

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The best way to possess a stress-free time while studying in college is to make a monthly budget plan or list out those things that need to be done. 

In a spreadsheet, put all your expenses, including house or room rent, bills, groceries, college expenses, grooming items, leisure activities, emergency funds, etc, and start calculating. To avoid debt, be sure to stay within your budget.

4. Get Part-Time Job

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It is not disputed that students have a lot of coursework to do when studying at school or any other institute. Indeed, they deserve to have fun, hang out with friends, attend events and parties, and take a break from academic activities for a bit. 

However, investing their free time in earning extra income will be considered a wiser decision.

5. Apply for Scholarship Programs

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It may sound like odd advice, but if you attend all your classes, get good grades in each subject, and stay attentive during lectures, you will likely be selected for a scholarship program. Additionally, many colleges not only offer merit-based scholarships but also need-based ones.

To check for eligibility, visit your college's website scholarship portal and fill out the form to lessen the expenses. 

6. Participate in Community Events

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Going out to have fun with your friends is fine, but remember that you're a student while spending money; otherwise, it may adversely affect your finances. 

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Instead, you can attend college activities, concerts, workshops, nature walks, and many other fun events at a slightly lower cost than outdoor activities.

7. Always Pay Bills on Time

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Occasionally, expenses increase, so we expect to pay the bill in the next installments, but things don't go as planned, and we have to pay additional penalties. 

Nevertheless, when you spend with thorough planning, keeping account of every penny, or have an automatic bill-paying reminder application, it is unlikely that you will be late paying your bills.

8. Share Your Rental House

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When you move to another city, you need a rental house to live in. Therefore, it would be wise to try finding a home near your campus with multiple rooms. 

Sharing rent with roommates has numerous benefits, as it will reduce your monthly rental cost and split the groceries, bills, food, and transportation costs.

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9. Track Your Spending

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Set a time to calculate the amount spent throughout the day. Keeping track of your spending does not mean you should not spend money at all, but it will enable you to stop making unnecessary purchases and focus on essentials.

This financial self-realization will make your life calmer and let you focus more on your studies.

10. Avoid Shopping From Expensive Brands

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Undoubtedly, it is a fact that no one wants to suppress their desires, but it has to be done when we have to meet the responsibilities from home to education, clothing, food, and other duties within a limited amount of money. 

To save money, buy quality clothes, shoes, or anything else at a lower cost, or wait until sales begin.

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