Husband Throws Out Diabetic Wife’s Gummy Bears, She Leaves Him at the Store, Who’s the Jerk?

A man shared his story of not allowing his diabetic wife to eat what she wants. We'll call him Steve.

A Doctor a Day

Steve explained that his wife is a type 2 diabetic and that it is genetic. He said that even though she knows she is diabetic, she doesn't seem to care. She has been on medication that is pretty strict and limits certain foods that would raise her sugar levels. Steve said that the other day, he went to a shop and she went with him. He bought what he needed and she followed him around the store. As he was paying, she told him she needed to go to the bathroom and will meet him outside.

When Steve was done paying, he went outside only to see his wife opening a pack of Haribos, which the doctor said she's not allowed to eat. He ran over because she could open it and grabbed it out of her hand and threw it in the bin. She got angry and called him names and then started crying about how it's not fair that she isn't allowed to eat sweets.

Steve told her to stop and said that he couldn't let her eat the gummies. She grabbed the keys to his car and left him at the shop. He called her over and over but she didn't pick up. He was furious and began walking home. When he got home, he saw her eating fried food on the sofa. He ran over to her and grabbed it out of her hand, reiterating that she couldn't eat it.

He also called her selfish for leaving him at the store. She didn't seem to care and picked up the food, shoving it in his face. She called him a jerk and left the house. He says he doesn't know where she is, but says that he loves her a lot and wants to help her as best as he can.

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The Masses Weigh In

People were split on who they thought was the jerk in this situation. One person thought they were both in the wrong.

“ESH. You can't treat your wife like a toddler. Grabbing things out of her hands, throwing things away, telling her what she's allowed to consume… that's not how you treat a spouse. Her attitude and reaction leaves tons to ve desired, but she's your wife. She's not your child. You shouldn't be “forbidding” her to eat anything.”

Others agreed with them. “Esh. Your heart is in the right place – but your wife is a grown woman and has the right to decide what she will and will not eat. Even when her decisions are stupid, selfish, and against medical advice. Grabbing food out of her hand is not okay. That said – if this is something you simply can't tolerate let her know that you will not stick around to watch her slowly kill herself. You don't have to be there to watch her make bad decisions – but you can't treat her like a child.”

“ESH. I get it. I do. You don't want her eating the foods that will exacerbate her medical condition. Type 2 is nothing to mess around with. But I don't think you should be going around ripping food out of her hands and lecturing her about it. She is an adult, capable of making her own decisions, good or bad. You cannot force her to adhere to the doctor's guidelines. She has got to want to change for herself or it's not going to end well.

I'm sorry that her denial and selfishness is putting you in the position, but at this point, despite how much you love her, you have to step back. She needs to learn the consequences of her actions.”

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