10 Things Men Don’t Tell Their Partners

There are many things men will never tell their female counterparts. Here are ten.

1. Concealing Past Relationships Ends Relationship

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After realizing the mistake of concealing their past relationships, one person confessed that they had naively believed it wouldn't affect their partner due to their late meeting in life. Unfortunately, the mounting jealousy eventually reached a breaking point, compelling the user to end the relationship through a text message after three years together.

2. Combat Experiences and Terrifying Dreams

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Reflecting on their combat experiences, one individual shared how deeply they were impacted, leading to terrifying dreams. However, in an attempt to hide the true nature of these dreams, they frequently downplay them to their girlfriend by claiming they're merely about their dog escaping.

3. Unsaid Criticism About Girlfriend's Appearance

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Opening up about a secret they've never revealed to their girlfriend, a user believed that her weight, rather than her clothing, contributes to her chubby appearance. The comment remains an undisclosed criticism despite attempting to soften the insult with a lighthearted remark, jokingly attributing the appearance to the outfit's effect.

4. Secret Wish for Independent Food Choices

Cooking Food
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In an anonymous forum confession, someone revealed a private thought they've never shared with their girlfriend. They admitted to secretly wishing that when she claims not to be hungry at a restaurant, she would order her own fries rather than relying on the “my girlfriend is not hungry” excuse.

5. Unsuccessful Addressing of Unreasonableness

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Recounting a past incident, a user told their girlfriend, “Babe, you're being a little unreasonable here.” Unfortunately, this attempt to address the situation didn't yield positive results.

6. Left Out of Snack Indulgences

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Admitting their initial claim of not wanting anything, one user revealed how their girlfriend occasionally indulges in snacks without getting anything for them. By acknowledging that this situation is common in relationships, the user recognizes that it can also happen to others.

7. Poor Response to Mental Health Discussion

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Sharing the struggle of opening up about their depressive difficulties, one user described the negative response they received from their girlfriend. Upon attempting to discuss their mental health, she reacted poorly, yelling at them and ultimately ending the relationship with a final command never to speak to her again.

8. Challenges of Expressing Deep Love

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Exploring the challenges men face in expressing deep love and affection to their partners, one user emphasized that it is not a conscious decision to keep it private. Rather, finding the right words or actions to convey their feelings' depth adequately becomes arduous. The user recounted a heart-wrenching situation where their lover left before they could express their emotions.

9. Anxiety in Moving or Renovating a Home

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Sharing the anxiety and obstacles associated with moving or renovating a new home, a commenter acknowledged that their partner also experiences stress. Aware that discussing their own problems might not be helpful, they adopt a methodical approach, focusing on each task and moment as it arises.

10. Need for Personal Time and Space

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Acknowledging the value of personal time and space within a relationship, one user recognized that certain activities, such as watching a football game with friends or enjoying solitude on the porch, can be more enjoyable without attending to their partner's needs. Despite their partner permitting them to prioritize their own interests, the user admits they have never been able to discuss this with them, still caring deeply about their partner's happiness.

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