10 Items Fast Food Cooks Dread Preparing

Fast food workers have firsthand experience with various menu items and the challenges they pose during preparation. From unconventional orders to time-consuming recipes, certain dishes test the patience of these dedicated employees. Recently on an online platform, fast food workers shared their encounters with the menu items they hate making the most.

1. Grilled Cheese Sandwich

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While working at Chick-fil-A, they often receive a frustrating menu item request: the grilled cheese sandwich. Mostly ordered by parents whose children were picky eaters, the challenge arose because the establishment was not equipped to make grilled cheese sandwiches. They used the meat for chicken salad sandwiches to meet the demand, resulting in flattened and burnt hamburger buns with melted cheese. This process yielded tasteless sandwiches and caused the press to become covered in melted cheese.

2. Stuffed Crust Pizza

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One Pizza Hut employee recalls the challenge of making stuffed crust pizzas. The process involved retrieving string cheese from the walk-in, rolling it into the dough, and assembling the pizza. It became a tiresome task during busy times, although their store didn't prep them often due to low demand.

3. Spicy Chicken Sandwiches

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A chef from Steak ‘n Shake shares their frustration with preparing spicy chicken sandwiches. These sandwiches took a long time to fry, causing delays in the drive-thru service, while the restaurant aimed to keep the drive time as low as possible.

4. Pancakes and Skillets

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Somebody revealed the inconvenience faced at their workplace, where pancakes and skillets were unavailable for ordering through the drive-thru. Despite being dine-in or carryout options only, some customers would complain and eventually be served the requested items.

5. Garlic Knot Pizza

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Another former employee of Pizza Hut describes the challenges faced while making a Garlic Knot pizza. The delicate dough balls and cheese placed on the crust would easily come off in the oven, spreading burnt dough onto other pizzas or causing issues with the conveyer belt.

6. Buffalo Chicken Totchos

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The complex preparation process of Buffalo Chicken Totchos is shared by an individual. From frying boneless wings, onion strings, and tots to layering nacho chips with cheese, tots, shredded cheese, and bacon bits, it involves multiple steps and garnishes, making it a time-consuming item to prepare.

7. Smoothies and Blended Coffee

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A barista shares their anticipation for smoothie season and the dread of being assigned to the blender during busy times. The constant demand for smoothies and blended coffee leads to jokes among baristas about being stuck in “Smoothie City” and the challenges of managing the blender workload.

8. Fried Cheese on a Stick

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An individual who worked at a carnival recalls the difficulties of making fried cheese on a stick. Due to the strange hydraulic profile within the deep fryer, they had to carefully drop the cheese into it, avoiding it sinking or exploding. Despite the challenges, they still found the item delicious and enjoyed their time at the carnival.

9. Oatmeal and Fries With No Salt

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A retired McDonald's employee expresses their frustration with making oatmeal. The hot water often led to burns, and customers had varying preferences for its consistency, leading to remaking it multiple times, causing delays and customer complaints. Additionally, requesting fries with no salt often posed challenges and customer demands.

10. Biscuit

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One former employee from Hardee's, a biscuit maker, shares their experience of making biscuits, washing dishes, and assisting in the kitchen. They bear scars on their arms from burns and even experienced dreams where they would cringe due to the memory of burning themselves on pans or yelling about hot biscuits.

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