If You Drive One of These 10 Cars, People Assume You’re a Jerk

Let's be honest; we all pretend not to judge people by the cars they drive, but deep down, we can't help ourselves. Some cars have become like horoscopes, where you can guess a person's personality just by their ride. So, let's take a peek at some cars that are assumed to be driven by jerks, according to the endless wisdom of online forums.

1. Perception of Vehicles: Silver Mercedes vs. White Van

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Are you cruising around Barcelona in a silver Mercedes? Well, as per one critic, you should reconsider. These vehicles are associated with a superiority complex and are deemed a complete waste of air. Conversely, you might be viewed as an aggressive driver if you're behind the wheel of a little white delivery van without windows.

2. Tanzania's Dala Dala City Buses: Reckless Reputation

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If you're in Tanzania and planning to take the Dala Dala city buses, think twice before driving one. As per one commuter, these buses are frequently operated recklessly and tend to disregard traffic laws, leading to accidents. The commuter even suggests that driving a Dala Dala could earn you the reputation of being a jerk.

3. Aggressive F250 Trucks and Jerky Behavior

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We all know the type of truck the reviewer refers to, the F250 with a lifted front and lowered rear end and tires that are wider than their radius. According to the commentator, these trucks are driven aggressively on the road, and the drivers tend to act entitled and intimidating toward other drivers. It's no surprise they're linked to jerky behavior.

4. Cool Cars, Bad Reputation: Dodge Chargers and Ford Pickups

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Dodge Chargers with blacked-out rear lights and logos, or Dodge and Ford pickups that are excessively lifted, might look cool, but they also have a bad reputation for attracting road hogs. While the observer acknowledges that their friends who own these cars are good people, strangers driving these cars tend to display obnoxious behavior on the road.

5. Negative Stereotype: White Dodge Ram Drivers

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If you're driving a pristine white Dodge Ram, you might want to avoid falling into the stereotype of being an aggressive and impolite driver. According to one critic, Dodge Rams are frequently associated with these negative traits.

6. Discourteous Hummer Operators on the Road

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Have you ever come across a motorist in a Hummer vehicle on the road? Well, as per one driver, they tend to have a reputation for being discourteous. The driver claims that every Hummer operator they've encountered in traffic has acted like a jerk.

7. “Salt Life” Sticker: Egotistical or Beachy

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If you have a “Salt Life” sticker on your car, be prepared for others to perceive you as egotistical. While this sticker is generally associated with beachgoers and surfers, some people view it as a symbol of self-importance or entitlement.

8. Range Rover Drivers: Inflated Sense of Self-importance?

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Driving a Range Rover might make others think you're a jerk. At least, that's what one reviewer asserts. The reviewer even has a moniker for Range Rover drivers: “Inverted Porcupines” because “all the pricks are on the inside.” Range Rover drivers may have an inflated sense of self-importance or a disregard for others.

9. Unprofessional Conduct: Cab Drivers Breaking Traffic Rules

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While we anticipate cab drivers to be professional, one commuter reveals that they often break traffic rules and drive recklessly. The commuter notes that this conduct can include failing to use turn signals, speeding up to beat others to a stop sign, and other hazardous maneuvers.

10. Nissan Altima Drivers: Reckless or Overly Cautious

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If you're driving a Nissan Altima, others might assume you're either reckless or overly cautious. As per one observer, these cars attract drivers who lack confidence or are prone to indecision. This can aggravate others on the road, who may be weaving in and out of lanes without signaling, driving too fast or tailgating, or driving too slowly and refusing to make turns or merge into traffic.

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