10 Ways to Propose if You Want to Be Rejected

When you get into a relationship and find your partner to be the best person you could ever meet, you will definitely want to spend the rest of your life with them. You propose them for marriage, but not every marriage proposal get successful. Here are a few proposing ways with which you are definitely getting rejected.

1. Proposing at a Wrong Time

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Choosing the right time for a proposal is the first thing you must keep in mind. Proposing your partner at the wrong time can lead to the worst consequences. Suppose your partner is not feeling well or has been diagnosed with some fatal illness. Or some complications are going on with their friends or family with which they are quite close. At such times you ask them to start a new life with you. It will not bring good results.

2. Casually Proposing Your Partner

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If you want to propose to someone, it must be done as a task with effort. Let’s say you like your friend a lot, and if you casually propose to them, they will never take it seriously. They might even take it as a joke and laugh at you. Your proposal will be turned down with laughter. But if you do it with effort, your partner may say yes to you. 

3. Sudden Proposing Without Giving Any Hints

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Many people have seen this situation where they liked someone and went straight to them to propose. If they get turned down, this is not the right way to propose to someone. You must at least give a few hints to someone before proposing to them. You will also see the reaction to your hints where you can guess whether you must propose to someone.

4. Doing Something Odd as Opener

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If you are going on a date with your partner where you plan to propose to them, never try something stupid as the opener of your date. This guy says he tried to light the table on fire with butane fluid as an opener. His partner got terrified at this kind of behavior and left the place. Many others have the same result when trying to impress their partners with odd things.

5. Arguing Your Partner Right After the Proposal

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Imagine you proposed to your partner, and they said yes to you. Everything is going perfectly, and suddenly you start arguing, which becomes a heated conversation. What do you think the result will be? It will be one of you standing up and leaving the place. So to avoid destroying such moments, argument is one of the things that you must avoid right after your proposal. 

6. Taking Your Partner to a Cheap Place To Propose Them

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A few people will be fine with this, but people are often offended by this thing. You want to propose to someone, and that’s a once-in-a-lifetime thing. It will be a moment both of you will remember your whole life. If you take your partner to a cheap restaurant or club, this gesture might offend them. If you cannot afford fancy places, keep it simple but try not to get cheap.

7. Sudden Change of Appearance Before Your Proposal Time

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A person tells his personal experience that he used to have a beard when dating. He wanted to clean shave for a long time but decided to shave right before proposing to his girlfriend. And she rejected him because she is not like his appearance. It teaches you not to make such big moves before your proposal.

8. Proposing Your Introvert Partner in Public

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The biggest life nightmare for introverts is to attract attention. They would accept to suffer and die in silence than attract anyone toward themselves. If you ever get such an introverted partner, you must respect their privacy choice. You must propose to them in a private space. They will be much happier. But if you propose them publicly, they might just run away, leaving everything behind.

9. Giving a Fake Ring for a Proposal

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Many billionaires and millionaires worldwide exist, but not everyone is rich enough to buy diamonds. Your partner can understand this. But give a fake ring to them for proposing and lying about it. Your relationship will end immediately when your partner knows you lied to them with a fake ring. It’s better not to lie to them about the ring.

10. Naming Your Partner’s Insecurities While Proposing Them

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This is the worst thing anyone can do at the time of proposal. You can understand this statement if you have read Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. In the book, Mr. Darcy proposes to Elizabeth by telling her how he loves her despite all her financial insecurities and insecurities. And she rejected him because he named all the flaws for her to tell her she had no choice besides accepting him as a partner. No person with high self-worth will accept such a proposal.

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How I make $11,000 per year renting out my spare rooms?

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