If You Share Any of These Music Opinions, You’re In The Minority

Music is a subject that can evoke strong emotions and opinions in people. While some may love a certain genre or artist, others may find it intolerable. However, certain music opinions are considered unpopular or controversial. Several users on a platform recently shared some of their most unpopular music opinions.

1. Frustration with Genre Labeling: EDM, House, and Beyond

A dissatisfied user voiced their frustration over some Black individuals labeling any genre of music other than rap/hip-hop or gospel as “White people music.” This individual is fond of EDM, house, and other genres but often receives odd reactions when playing their music around others, causing them to feel self-conscious about their musical preferences.

2. Artists Should Have the Freedom To Explore Genres

Another music geek emphasizes that artists can change genres and that listeners should be open to the idea that artists may create music in different genres. Just as listeners do not limit themselves to one genre, artists should be free to explore and create music in multiple genres. This user argues that artists should not be confined to a single genre and should have the artistic freedom to express themselves in various musical styles.

3. In defense of guilty pleasure music

One user argues that the enjoyment of music is wider than critical acclaim. While some may denounce certain songs or artists for their perceived musical shallowness, others may find solace in the earworm beats or witty verses. The user suggests that it is perfectly acceptable to revel in the guilty pleasures of so-called “bad” music and reminds us that not every song warrants serious scrutiny.

4. Courtney Love's Role in Preserving Nirvana's Legacy

Despite Courtney Love's controversial reputation and public feuds, one audiophile argues that she has done an excellent job preserving and safeguarding the legacy of Kurt Cobain and Nirvana. This user praises Love for her tireless efforts to ensure the band's music, image, and influence endure. Love has worked on tribute concerts, managed Nirvana's publishing rights, and overseen the production of a documentary about the band's early years. While some may disagree with Love's methods, this user commends her dedication to honoring Cobain's memory and his band's impact on music history.

5. Lofi Hip Hop as a Tool for Relaxation

As per the observation of a user, lo-fi hip hop has assumed the mantle of elevator music, seamlessly blending into the background of different settings like restaurants, hotels, and elevators. The user suggests that individuals now turn to lofi hip-hop to unwind and center themselves while carrying out various activities.

6. Dolly Parton's Version of “I Will Always Love You” Reigns as Supreme

According to another music enthusiast, Dolly Parton sings “I Will Always Love You” better than Whitney Houston. The user feels that Dolly's version of the song is more endearing, as if she is telling the listener that she loves them through the song. In contrast, Whitney's version is described as being too showy and screaming the lyrics instead of conveying genuine emotion.

7. The Disconnect Between Respect and Enjoyment in Music

It's possible to respect something without liking it, as per the insights of a thoughtful user. The user posits that the two concepts are not intrinsically linked. To illustrate their point, they reference Lou Reed's “Metal Machine Music,” acknowledging the immense toil that went into its production. However, despite recognizing its creative merit, the user avoids listening.

8. Musical Preferences and Emotional States

Although this individual prefers vibrant and dreamy melodies, they clarify that their musical preferences do not necessarily mirror their emotional state. They stress that indulging in this genre of music does not trigger any feelings of despair or gloom within them.

9. Weird Al's “Christmas at Ground Zero” and Malicious Compliance

To this user, “Christmas at Ground Zero” by Weird Al stands out as the ultimate case of malicious compliance in the music world. The song, a parody of traditional Christmas carols, uses a cheerful melody to draw attention to the absurdity of nuclear war. This user highlights the song as an example of ironic or malicious compliance that takes a dark topic and presents it seemingly lightheartedly.

10. The Plethora of Musical Genres Awaiting Exploration

According to this music aficionado perspective, authentically enjoying a single music genre, irrespective of its type, is implausible. They assert that confining oneself to a solitary music style is a restricted way of thinking, as many musical genres are waiting to be discovered and appreciated.

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