20 “Interesting” Things Europeans Do Americans Cannot Comprehend

Hold on to your hats, folks, because we're about to dive into some of the wackiest and most unusual things Europeans do, as Americans share online. From having light switches outside the bathroom door to letting babies chill in the cold, some habits will make you double-take.

1. Germans Take Their Kitchens With Them When They Move

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Are you ready for a fun fact? One user was stunned by a peculiar German practice they encountered in Berlin. Can you guess what it is? Well, when Germans move to a new home, they pack up their entire kitchen and take it with them! Yes, you heard that right, the whole kitchen! It may sound bizarre, but this tradition is deeply ingrained in German culture and can seem strange to those from other parts of the world.

2. Hamburger-Flavored Cheetos? Exploring European Supermarkets

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Picture this – an American wandering down the “American Food” aisle in a European supermarket when their eyes suddenly fall upon a bag of Cheetos unlike any they've ever seen. The flavor? Hamburger. Yes, you read that right – hamburger-flavored Cheetos. The American is left feeling a mix of shock, intrigue, and confusion. What other culinary surprises await them in the aisles of this foreign land?

3. Irish Bathroom Tradition: Light Switches Outside the Door

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This person couldn't help but express their bewilderment at an unusual Irish bathroom tradition – the placement of the light switches. In contrast to the conventional practice of having them inside the bathroom, they're often found outside the bathroom door in Ireland.

4. Work Discussions or Soccer? The Peculiar German Office Culture

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As per a user's comment, they find it bizarre that it's not always about confidential work discussions when two Germans enter an office and close the door. It could be about soccer! The user thinks this quirk is exclusive to Germans, making it a peculiar feature of their work culture.

5. No Personal Space in German Lines

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Living in Germany for three years was a delightful experience for one American, except for one peculiar detail: the concept of personal space was non-existent in lines. According to the user, people stood uncomfortably close to one another, sometimes even breathing down each other's necks. While waiting in line at a store, Americans often wished that the person behind them would step back and give them some breathing room.

6. August Shutdown: Europe Goes on Vacation

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Amusingly, someone pointed out a unique observation they made about Europe – the whole continent seems to go on vacation in August! They were surprised to find out that during this month, it's nearly impossible to get anything done. Even finding a doctor can be a challenge!

7. Smoking Still Popular in Europe: A Culture Shock for Americans

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Europeans have a flair for traditional things, and one of those things seems to be smoking. According to an individual, they found it shocking that smoking is still rampant in Europe compared to the United States, where anti-smoking campaigns have taken the lead. Despite all the health risks, many Europeans still enjoy their cigarettes.

8. Scandinavian Tradition: Babies Napping Outside in the Cold

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As the user strolled through the frosty streets of Denmark one November afternoon, they couldn't help but notice something peculiar. Babies slept soundly outside in the bitter cold, wrapped snugly in blankets. The user's initial shock was palpable, but as they learned more about the tradition of Scandinavian parents leaving their babies outside to nap, a sense of admiration for the practice grew within them.

9. Borderless Travel in Europe: The Unique Aspect of the EU

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While planning their honeymoon, the seamless borders took aback one user and the need for checks within European countries. The user was amazed that they could take the ICE train from Germany to France without any hindrance. The idea of borderless travel is a unique aspect of the European Union, allowing citizens to move freely between countries without needing visas or passports.

10. European Obsession with Track Suits

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A curious user couldn't help but notice the European's obsession with tracksuits. They were amazed at how frequently men sported them and even got one for themselves. The user found the trend quite fascinating and enjoyed the comfy fit and feel of the tracksuit.

11. Americans vs Europeans: Battle of the Weather Warriors

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A seasoned traveler from Southeast Asia, who interacts with both Europeans and Americans, noticed that Americans handle hot and humid weather better than their European counterparts. Their adaptability to the climate is truly impressive!

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12. Sneezes and Cultural Quirks: Europeans' Unique Response

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Brace yourself for a peculiar European quirk, as revealed by a curious cultural enthusiast through the eyes of an American. It appears that Europeans have a unique response to sneezes—none at all! Initially bewildered by the absence of customary “bless you” or “gesundheit” blessings, the observer eventually grew accustomed to the European way of dealing with sneezes. Adaptation, it seems, knows no bounds.

13. Age and Respect: A Tale of Contrasting Metro Etiquettes

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In Paris, an elder statesperson experienced a remarkable level of respect. Despite the lack of available seats on the metro, they were offered a seat every single time simply because of their age. Such a display of courtesy is a rare gem that they seldom encounter in their home country of the US.

14. Dinner Time Dilemma: European vs American Traditions

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As a passionate gastronome describes, dinner traditions in many European cultures differ significantly from those in America. While most Americans enjoy their evening meal around 6 to 7 pm, Europeans tend to dine much later, often at 9 pm or even later. The foodie found this eating schedule peculiar and wondered how anyone could consume a substantial meal so late in the evening.

15. Ice, Ice, Maybe? Europe's Chilled Water Surprise

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During an adventurous trip to Europe, a curious Redditor discovered ice in water is not a common practice. When they requested ice in their water at a restaurant in Copenhagen, the waitress amusingly cautioned them that the water would become cold. The inquisitive commenter couldn't help but find this cultural difference both surprising and entertaining, considering that in the United States, having ice in water and other beverages is quite commonplace.

16. Europe: Where Diversity Flourishes and Cultures Collide

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Embark on a journey of fascination with a curious traveler who marveled at the wonders of Europe. Imagine just a few hours of travel in any direction, and voilà! You find yourself in a place where the people speak a completely different language and embrace an entirely distinct culture. Unlike North America, where such diversity is not as prevalent due to the dominance of English, Europe unveils a tapestry of vibrant languages and captivating customs at every turn.

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17. Multilingual Marvels: Europe's Language Superstars

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One observant American highlighted an intriguing aspect of European culture many Europeans can speak multiple languages fluently. They were amazed by the polyglots they encountered, who could effortlessly converse in at least two languages. In contrast, they noted that many Americans tend to speak English predominantly and have limited exposure to other languages, making the linguistic diversity of Europeans quite impressive by comparison.

18. European Hotels: Royalty's Quirky Sleep Arrangements

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When an American traveler ventured to Europe, they noticed something peculiar about the hotels there. Instead of the grand king or queen-sized beds they were accustomed to in the United States, European hotels had twin beds pushed together. With a dash of humor, the traveler quipped that it's amusing how Europeans invented royalty but haven't mastered the art of beds fit for their monarchs.

19. “How Are You Doing?” a Transatlantic Linguistic Divide

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An insightful commentator highlights the divergent perceptions of a simple question: “How are you doing?” While North Americans often consider it a casual greeting, our European counterparts take it to heart as a personal inquiry. This astute observation hints at the reserved nature of Europeans, who exercise caution not to pry into personal matters. In contrast, with their friendly demeanor, North Americans may utter the phrase without expecting a detailed response, making it more of a customary salutation than a genuine inquiry.

20. European Lunch Breaks: A Leisurely Affair

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Prepare to be amazed, for it seems that the concept of a lunch break has taken on a whole new dimension in Europe. As shared by a seasoned globetrotter, Europeans leisurely indulge in a lunch break that can stretch up to a whopping two hours! Imagine the surprise for North Americans accustomed to quick, desk-bound meals. To add to the wonder, businesses in many European countries shut down for a few hours at midday, allowing employees to savor a delightful meal with their loved ones.

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