10 Things Women Can Do To Increase Their Beauty

The first impression is the last; this is especially true for women. Your looks give an insight into your personality before you even speak up. Good looks boost confidence and improve self-esteem both professionally and personally. Recently, on an online platform, women discussed the most beneficial investments they made to date.

Hitting The Gym

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One cannot deny the benefits of exercising for a healthy mind and body. It helps to enhance our appearance and improves our skin. One user commented that investing in the gym does ‘something' to her hormones and helps her look better. Another user, while unsure about hormones, said it was due to the increase of rich oxygenated blood to the skin.

Laser Removal of Angiomas

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Pregnancy brings a lot of changes to women, both physically and mentally. One respondent narrated how she had red spots all over her body after her delivery, and getting a laser removal restored her confidence. A second user said she was unprepared for such a change to her body and felt disfigured before having them removed. Another person confessed to having laser removal for 200 angiomas after her daughter's birth.

Long-Term Hair Removal

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Many people face side effects from hair removal, including irritation, discomfort, change in skin color, redness, and swelling. Some women opt for long-term hair removal techniques for confidence and to eliminate such problems. One commenter stated that with long-term hair removal, she got relief from pain and itching and was now living a rash-free life. Another user added that it made her stress-free.


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If you are satisfied within, it reflects on your skin. A commenter agreed, compared pre and post-therapy pictures, and noticed that the smiles looked real and that she looked different. Another observed that her face reflected her inner trauma. One woman noted when she prioritized mental health, her physical outlook improved, and she began to adopt a healthier lifestyle. 

Upgrade Wardrobe

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Clothes Make the Man is a 15th-century proverb that holds to date. Every person gets judged by the clothing they wear. What we wear does not represent the character, but it leaves a lasting impression. A contributor discussed how buying good-looking clothes was a worthwhile investment for her. She had no problem purchasing second-hand dresses as long as they suited her.

A Good Skincare Routine

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Good looks don't come overnight. You need to pick suitable products and use them regularly for desired effects. An individual noted that a good skincare routine paired with an investment in high-quality products reap better results than makeup. Someone else mentioned using the products separately before establishing a pattern to determine allergic reactions to each product.


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Braces not only improve oral health but also affect facial features. Most people agree that the face is more symmetrical after braces and appears softer. An individual narrated how her parents couldn't afford braces during their childhood. As a person with a job, it was one of the first things bought with the paycheck, and the boost in confidence was incomparable. 


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Wearing sunscreen every morning is the best favor you can do for your skin. It prevents ultraviolet rays from entering your body. It protects your skin from discoloration and aging and prevents skin cancer. A user suggested using sunscreen routinely. Another user suggested using it on top of the ears and back of the neck with other exposed areas to reduce the danger of cancer.      

Expensive Health Food and Supplements

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We need the right amount of nutrients for a healthy mind and body. A commenter claimed that investing in pricey, nutritious food helped change her overall appearance. Balanced food rich in all essential vitamins, minerals, and fibers helps her avoid binge eating. Her food plate included meats, leafy greens, fruits, nuts and vegetables. It rejuvenated skin and aided hair growth and weight loss.


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LASIK eye surgery reduces or eliminates your need for glasses and contact lenses. A respondent was thankful to their parents for their foresightedness to pay for LASIK during college days. Someone else shared that they wished to do the same for their children as a college graduation gift. A third user wished they had gone for LASIK during their 20s rather than when it was completely essential(during their 40s). 

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