10 Cooking Myths That Made Us Laugh

Cooking is an art that requires knowledge, skill, and practice. Unfortunately, there are many myths about cooking that can lead to unnecessary confusion and frustration. These myths are often passed down from generation to generation, but it's time to put them to rest. Below are ten common cooking myths and the truth behind them according to a popular Reddit thread.

1. Searing Meat Locks in the Juices

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Searing meat does not “lock in” the juices. While searing can create a flavorful crust, it actually causes moisture to evaporate from the meat. To keep meat moist, cook it gently and allow it to rest before slicing.

2. You Should Rinse Your Chicken Before Cooking It

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Rinsing your chicken before cooking it is not necessary and can actually increase the risk of foodborne illness. Any bacteria present on the chicken will be killed during the cooking process, and rinsing can spread bacteria to other surfaces in your kitchen.

3. You Should Always Use a Wooden Spoon When Cooking

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While wooden spoons are great for many tasks, there is no one “right” type of spoon to use when cooking. Use whatever spoon feels comfortable and works best for the task at hand.

4. Salt in Pasta Water Will Make the Pasta Cook Faster

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Adding salt to pasta water can enhance the flavor of the pasta, but it does not make it cook faster. In fact, adding salt to water can actually increase the cooking time by a few seconds.

5. You Should Always Cook With Olive Oil

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While olive oil is a great cooking oil, it is not the best choice for all tasks. Olive oil has a low smoke point and can burn at high temperatures. Use other oils, such as canola or vegetable oil, for high-heat cooking.

6. You Should Flip Your Steak Only Once

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Flipping your steak multiple times can actually result in more even cooking. The key is to flip the steak when the first side is nicely browned, not before.

7. You Should Let Your Meat Come to Room Temperature Before Cooking

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Letting meat come to room temperature before cooking is unnecessary and can actually increase the risk of foodborne illness. Cook meat straight from the fridge, but allow for a longer cooking time to ensure it is cooked through.

8. You Should Always Preheat Your Baking Sheet

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Preheating your baking sheet can help create a crispy crust, but it is not always necessary. For foods that need to cook quickly, such as vegetables, you can skip the preheating step.

9. You Should Let Your Pasta Sit in the Sauce for a Few Minutes Before Serving

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Letting your pasta sit in the sauce can cause it to become mushy and lose its texture. Instead, serve the pasta immediately after mixing it with the sauce.

10. You Should Rinse Your Mushrooms Before Cooking Them

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Rinsing mushrooms before cooking them can actually cause them to become waterlogged and lose their flavor. Instead, wipe them clean with a damp cloth or paper towel.

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