10 Things People Think About Doing But Don’t

The idea of doing something outside our everyday routine can be tempting, even if it's just a thought we never act on. Recently on an online platform, people shared several things that people often think about doing but never admit they will. From cheating on a significant other to quitting a job and living in the woods, these thoughts range from harmless to extreme.

1. The Infatuation Dilemma

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One person has contemplated cheating on or leaving their significant other for a woman they have become fascinated with. Although they love their spouse, the other woman still occupies a significant space in their thoughts, often triggered by particular songs or phrases. They acknowledge that acting on these feelings would have devastating consequences for many people, and they are content with their current life, but the persistent thought of “what if?” weighs heavily on them.

2. Pub and Pool Temptation

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Taking the afternoon off work and going to a pub to play pool is the wish of this user. They used to do it in their younger days, but now with all the corporate pressure and the need to stay connected, they find it difficult. Having a break from their daily work routine and engaging in a fun activity seems appealing, but the upcoming workload and facing the consequences hold them back.

3. Pinkie Dislocation Trick

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An individual has a dark thought about dislocating their pinkie finger to skip a class. This thought often occurs in our minds, but for the particular individual, it is happening regularly. They can't seem to shake the idea of causing themselves harm to avoid a lecture or a presentation. However, they know it's not a reasonable solution to their problems and will probably never go through.

4. Supermarket Avoidance

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A busy bee has been thinking about going to the supermarket for the last few weeks but never got around to it. They have been surviving on workday food from the university restaurant and their housemates cooking on weekends. They think they should go to the supermarket but have no motivation to do so.

5. Fear of Skydiving

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One daring adventurer admitted that they always thought about skydiving but never will. They mentioned they were too scared to try it, and the thought of jumping out of a plane was too daunting. They had seen videos and heard stories from others who had done it, but the fear of the unknown was too much to overcome. While they admired the bravery of those who had done it, they knew it was not for them.

6. Tattoo Temptation

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Do you have tattoos or wish to have them one day? A commenter wanted a tattoo, but they doubt they'll ever go through with it. They like the idea of expressing themselves through body art but are hesitant to commit to something that is permanent.

7. Revenge Fantasies

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Somebody revealed their deep desire to take revenge on their former friends, though they never actually will. While they often think about it, they realize that there's no turning back once they start down that path. They also understand that getting caught would have disastrous consequences and ruin their life. Despite the temptation, they know it's better to move on and forget the past.

8. The Unfulfilled Musician Dream

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Becoming a professional singer or musician is a music lover's dream. However, the user thinks it's not for them. They may sing or play music as a hobby or even perform in local venues, but the harsh reality of the music industry and the competition involved is too daunting for them to pursue it seriously. They may have other responsibilities or lack confidence in their abilities that prevent them from fully pursuing their dream. Nonetheless, they may still enjoy singing or playing music for their own pleasure.

9. Streaming Shyness

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Have you ever streamed your videos on social media? Someone has been thinking about streaming for years but has been hesitant actually to do it due to fear. They are worried about receiving negative comments or failure, but they still hold onto the idea of streaming.

10. The Call of the Wild

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A confession came from an individual who often thinks about quitting their job, spending their savings on wilderness survival gear, and moving into the woods for the rest of their life. The concept of living away from modern society appeals to them. However, they acknowledge that it is just a fantasy, and they are not ready to give up their current lifestyle for it. The responsibilities of daily life, including bills and family obligations, prevent them from following through with this idea.

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