10 Telltale Signs Your Crush Might Be Interested

Trying to gauge if someone is interested in you can be challenging, especially if you need help determining what signs to look for. Women, in particular, can be subtle in their approach to showing interest. Recently on an online platform, different women revealed how they show men they're interested. From awkward giggles to subtle touches, here are 10 ways women show men they're interested.

1. Sharing Personal Information: A Sign of Attraction?

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Have you ever noticed that when you're attracted to someone, you tend to share more personal information with them? Well, one woman claims that this is what she does. She shares her thoughts, feelings, and life, sometimes even more than she would with others. She admits to occasionally giggling nervously and rambling, which could be interpreted as eagerness or anxiety. This could be her way of creating a deeper connection or impressing the man she likes.

2. Friendly Gestures or Mean-Spirited Jabs: A Flirting Strategy

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According to one commentator, when she's interested in a man, she uses a combination of friendly gestures and playful teasing to get his attention. She greets him warmly, looks for opportunities to touch him, and sometimes throws mean-spirited jabs his way (especially after a drink or two) to initiate conversation. While this approach may not always work, it could signify her desire to engage with him.

3. Smiling Until Your Face Aches: An Obvious Indicator of Interest

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Another contributor shares that when she likes someone, she can't help but smile and laugh excessively until her face aches. She does this deliberately to show her approval and interest in him, hoping to encourage him to pursue her further. By reacting positively to his conversation and showing enthusiasm for his company, she hopes to convey her attraction.

4. The Helpful Approach: Bringing Things They Didn't Ask For

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Do you ever find yourself endeavoring to be helpful in any way possible when you're interested in someone? Well, one user admits to doing just that. She brings things they didn't ask for but thinks they need, like a napkin or some ketchup. However, she tends to do this calmly and aloofly, which can be interpreted as an insult. She also alternates between excessive staring and ignoring them altogether, even if she's sitting right next to them. She explains that this is because she's too shy or flustered to talk to them, but she still enjoys their presence.

5. Indicators of Attraction: From Flirting to Initiating Plans

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Are you wondering if she's into you? According to a dating expert, a surefire sign of interest is when she initiates plans and can't wait to spend time with you. But don't worry, even if she's not making the first move, typical signs like flirting, twirling her hair, leaning forward, and laughing a lot are great indicators of attraction.

6. Struggling with Expressing Interest: Fear of Rejection

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Love can be scary, and one hopeless romantic shared that they struggle with expressing their interest in someone. While they do give attention and talk to the person, they fear rejection and therefore refrain from confessing their feelings. They believe expressing their emotions could make them feel vulnerable or exposed, so they keep their feelings under wraps.

7. Stealing Glances: A Clear Sign of Interest

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Have you caught someone stealing glances at you? According to a shy admirer, this could be a clear sign of interest. If you notice someone quickly looking away and blushing, it indicates that they're into you. Keep an eye out for these subtle yet significant signals.

8. Wine and Facebook Messages: A Flirtatious Approach

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A wine enthusiast has a unique way of showing interest in men. Drinking a few glasses of wine and sending playful messages on Facebook, asking about their favorite travel destinations, has worked for her in the past. Her charm won her current boyfriend, and it could work for you too!

9. Touchy-Feely: Using Physical Contact to Signal Attraction

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This flirtatious approach might be for you if you're a touchy-feely person. Placing your hand on someone's shoulder to emphasize your point, keeping your hand on their arm, or getting close enough to feel the chemistry can signal attraction. It might be time for a kiss if you notice them staring at your lips.

10. Awkwardness Can Be Endearing: Confessing to Being Bashful

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Finally, an individual confesses to acting awkward and never making eye contact with the person they're interested in. They tend to be too bashful to approach or speak to them, resulting in a perceived lack of interest. It can be tough to muster up the courage to approach someone you like, but sometimes a little awkwardness can be endearing.

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