“It’s So Slimy” 10 Weird Things Some People Find Disgusting But Others Think Is Okay

In our daily lives, we encounter different things that some people find completely acceptable while others find disgusting. These preferences may stem from personal experiences, cultural backgrounds, or tastes. Recently on an online platform, people have shared several things that they find disgusting, but others think they are completely okay. 

1. The Slimy Disgust

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Slime might be a fun toy for kids, but it's just plain gross for the texture-sensitive person. They find the slimy texture repulsive and don't appreciate how easily it collects dirt, hair, and other debris. Additionally, it can stick to things and get squished into pockets. Overall, slime is not their cup of tea.

2. Open-Mouthed Chewing Conundrum

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Have you ever been grossed out by the sight and sound of someone chewing gum with their mouth wide open? For that particular individual, it's enough to make their skin crawl. They find the loud smacking noise and sight of someone's open mouth repulsive and cannot tolerate it.

3. Slurping: A Radio-Only Offense

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Imagine listening to an audio-only advertisement and suddenly hearing the sound of someone slurping their drink. This sound is unbearable and comparable to nails on a chalkboard for that sensitive soul. While they don't mind it in public or on television, the sound of slurping drinks over the radio is something they can't tolerate.

4. The Hygiene Hoarder

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Leaving evidence of personal hygiene, such as used Q-tips, dental floss, and nail clippings, is disgusting to the cleanliness enthusiast. They believe these items should be thrown away immediately to avoid a dirty and unsightly mess. The user finds it difficult to understand why someone would leave such evidence lying around, especially since it can be so gross.

5. Wet Lettuce Woes: No Soggy Bread Allowed

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Sandwiches and burgers are staple food for many, but one person advocates for a change in how they are prepared. Wet lettuce on a sandwich or burger is a pet peeve for this individual, who believes it makes the bread soggy and unappetizing. They question why anyone would want to make their bread like ducks when they are not. Instead, they suggest using dry lettuce or other toppings to add crunch and flavor to the sandwich or burger.

6. The Great Unwashed

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We all know that washing our hands in public bathrooms is a basic hygiene practice, but have you ever observed someone skipping the sink entirely? For the hygiene-conscious person, it's not only gross but also concerning. They worry about the germs and bacteria these individuals may carry, potentially spreading illness through contact with others or shared surfaces. And to add to the yuck factor, cell phones harbor numerous microbes that can be easily transferred to the face and mouth.

7. Bathroom Phone Calls: A Gross Conversation

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It's a common scenario: you're in a public bathroom stall, trying to do your business in peace when suddenly you hear someone having a full-blown phone conversation. For the hygiene-conscious person, this is not just annoying but repulsive. They find it incredibly unsanitary and disrespectful to use a cell phone in the bathroom, let alone on speakerphone. In their opinion, phone calls can wait for just five minutes, and it's important to maintain proper hygiene in public spaces.

8. Canine Kisses: A Mouthful of Disgust

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Dogs are man's best friend, but only some are comfortable getting up close and personal with their furry companions. A canine critic, in particular, finds kissing dogs on their mouths revolting. Dogs are known to eat unsavory things like cat poop, making the thought of mouth-to-mouth contact enough to make this individual feel nauseous. While others may find it endearing, this person prefers to show affection for their dog in other ways.

9. Greasy Buffet Dilemma

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Buffets are a go-to dining choice for many, but only some feel the same way. One culinary critic shared their disgust for Golden Corral in the Southern US, citing the greasy salt and pepper shakers as the main issue. Despite their family's love for the restaurant, they can't get past the distasteful sight of fried chicken grease on the shakers. This recurring problem across multiple locations makes it hard for this individual to enjoy the buffet experience.

10. Cigarette Butts: Toxic Littering

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Smoking is a personal choice, but one eco-conscious person urges smokers to be more mindful of their cigarette butts. They are perplexed about when it became acceptable to litter these toxic plastics on the streets. While they respect the personal choices of those who smoke, they believe that throwing cigarette butts on the ground is not only harmful to the environment but also disrespectful to others who use the same space. Instead, they urge smokers to dispose of cigarette butts in the trash bin.

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