James O’Keefe Ousted From Project Veritas Weeks After 50 Million Views on Pfizer Video

After weeks of disagreements with the board of directors, James O'Keefe decided to resign from the group he founded, Project Veritas. In a video aimed towards Project Veritas employees, O'Keefe vowed to start a rival organization that would focus on similar work.

Too Many Issues

Trouble at Project Veritas began when the board reversed O'Keefe's firing of two of the top executives. Shortly after, the board received lengthy complaints from multiple employees claiming that the way O'Keefe treated them was “outright cruel.” O'Keefe rose to fame for his undercover videos that aim to expose the corruption within American media and other companies.

He mostly targets liberal journalists or employees who work for companies that have been targets of controversy. O'Keefe filmed a video announcing his exit. In it, he is standing at his desk with the Project Veritas background. He claims that the board pushed him out after he told them to quit or face his resignation. His tactic obviously failed, and he is now no longer part of the company.

He became emotional at one point in the video, but made it clear that he has no plans to abandon the vision behind Project Veritas and that he would be starting a similar group soon. O'Keefe also shared images of what appear to be the recorded minutes of the board meeting where he was placed on unpaid leave and was offered “mental wellness care.”

In the video, O'Keefe defended his leadership style, saying that there were hard choices he had to make as the leader of the project.

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Not the Same

Conservatives were outraged that O'Keefe was pushed out of his own group and stated that Project Veritas would be nothing without him. The news of his resignation was originally made public by reported Neil McCabe. He claimed that O'Keefe had resigned without striking any sort of severance deal.

Plenty of people hopped on Twitter to defend O'Keefe and throw shots at the board of directors. One user quipped that by showing screenshots of messages between the board members, O'Keefe had “Project Veritas'd Project Veritas.”

Another user called the actions of the board “shameful” and reiterated the point that O'Keefe is Project Veritas, and it will be doomed without him.

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