10 Surprising Jobs That Millennials Are Avoiding In Droves For Good Reason

1. Challenges of Being a Lifeguard

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While the idea of a lifeguard might evoke images of sun-kissed beach days and heroic rescues, the truth is that tracking one down in a time of need can feel like a needle in a haystack. The job of a lifeguard is certainly not a walk in the park, and the daily challenges should not be overlooked.

2. Dark Side of Game Testing

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According to the next user, the world of computer game development may seem like a dream job to some, but the reality of testing can turn that dream into a nightmare. Testers often feel like they are working in the “underbelly” of an industry with its fair share of challenges. While the end result may be an entertaining game, the path to get there can be anything but enjoyable.

3. The Reality of Environmental Work

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It's tempting to believe that working in the environmental sector is all sunshine and rainbows, but the reality can be far from it. While the work may seem noble, the pay is usually low, and the places where you work tend to be unattractive, such as landfills and contaminated sites. Employees are often expected to complete projects in less time than necessary and with limited resources. Moreover, if you are consulting for other companies, they may not be interested in actually “saving the environment” but just meeting regulations.

4. Harsh Reality of Journalism

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Someone notes that a journalist's job is often romanticized, but the truth is quite different. While many may enter the field with dreams of writing groundbreaking articles and traveling the world, the day-to-day reality can be much less exciting. Instead, journalists often struggle to get in touch with sources and chase down mundane stories, all while dealing with the pressures of tight deadlines and limited budgets.

5. Uninspiring Architecture Work

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The world of architecture may seem glamorous, but the reality is often far from it. As one user noted, an architect's job often involves designing less than inspiring buildings. Rather than crafting iconic structures, architects may work on projects such as warehouses, Walmarts, and strip malls. And instead of creating beautiful living spaces, they may be tasked with designing subpar apartments that lack any real character.

6. Tough Reality of the Film and TV Industry

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A movie buff wrote that the film and television industry is often romanticized, but it can be a grueling and thankless job. Long hours and the expectation of being available 24/7 are common, with the fear of being replaced always looming. While a select few may reach the top and enjoy fame and fortune, even they must navigate a cutthroat world. Those who don't make it may end up working crew jobs or struggling to find work outside of the industry.

7. Realities of Veterinary Medicine

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According to a particular user's experience working in the veterinary medicine field and how the job is often romanticized. People expect to work with lovely puppies and kittens all day, but the reality is sometimes far tougher. The user explains that they have witnessed the death of a young kitten, seen plenty of gore and neglect, and had to send animals home with cancer because the owners couldn't afford treatment. The job is emotionally draining, and they have been the only source of comfort for shelter animals in their final moments.

8. Underpaid and Overworked Teachers

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Teaching has long been touted as one of the most important and noble professions out there, with the ability to shape young minds and make a difference in the world. However, one user's comments shed light on the harsh realities that many educators face. Instead of being paid what they're worth, many teachers are left feeling like they're working in a zoo with endless responsibilities and low pay.

9. Unappetizing Culinary World

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The culinary world is often portrayed as a glamorous and exciting industry. However, the reality can be a far cry from this idealized image. It's expected that this is a career for those who are enthusiastic about cooking and producing excellent meals. The truth is that the salary is frequently low, the workplace is poisonous, and the surroundings are warm and uncomfortable. Long, arduous hours are the norm, and management and owners can be inept or megalomaniacal. Your employees are the only individuals you'll interact with frequently, and many people use alcohol or drugs to deal with the stress.

10. Unromanticized Legal Field

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An individual with experience in the legal field stated that many individuals have a romanticized image of lawyers due to the media. The truth, however, is far different. Lawyers spend many hours studying paperwork and contracts, and much of their time is spent contacting clients to schedule appointments. The task can be fairly time-consuming and tiresome, and the money is frequently insufficient for the required work. In addition, there is a tonne of competition in the space, making it challenging to stand apart.

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