10 Jobs That Are No Longer Highly Regarded

In this fast-paced world, some jobs have been overshadowed by the contemporary era. The reason could be a drastic change in the dynamics of the specific industry or the automation of a certain job. Following are the jobs which, with time, lost their charm and could not cope with today's world.

1. Blacksmith

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There were times when blacksmiths were considered all in one! They could do everything from craftsman to town engineer, manufacturer to problem solver. With time, they are now primarily hobbyists. One commenter mentioned that calling blacksmiths now is old school. He would instead do the horseshoeing stuff online with the help of an app.

2. Town Crier

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There was a time when people needed easy access to news in any way. Town criers' job was to deliver the information verbally. A respondent shared that when he was a kid in the 90s, he stayed in a village where a local town crier beat the drum every other evening to gather the public and deliver the news via a megaphone. He added that the person was treated as a local celebrity.

3. News Anchor

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There were times when night news broadcasted on a channel was an integral part of family time. One user acknowledges that gone are the days when there were limited news channels, and people trusted and respected the anchor who used to keep them updated. Another user added that there is absolutely no need for a news anchor in today's world where every news is just a click away.

4. Flight Attendant

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Gone are the days when people would find flight attendants glamorous and no less than models. An individual shares that, a decade ago, flying was also considered charming. He added people would appropriately dress to board a plane. Flight attendants were looked upon as a prestigious job to hold on to, and people felt lucky to secure such a job.

5. Radio DJ

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Radio DJ was a thing back then! They were no less than celebrities. But in today's world, most people agree that with so many options to hear the music, Radio DJs have taken the backseat. Somebody acknowledges that he wanted to have a job as a Radio DJ when he was a kid, but thank God he doesn't have it, or else he would be doomed. They are replaced with computers and play music on a schedule.

6. Truck Driver

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According to a commentator, the 80s and 90s were the golden era of trucking. He added that it was a solid middle-class profession back then as the pay was good along with attractive benefits. It even became cool for a time! However, unless you don't work for a mega carrier, you'd be excessively overworked and underpaid as a truck driver.

7. Letter Carriers

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In today's world, letter carriers are conveniently replaced by junk mail and Amazon packages. A person shared that back then, certified letters were treated as classified documents, and he used to take signatures after they received them. He claims that there's no more charm in doing the job. People anxiously waited for him to get their essential documents and treated him with respect.

8. Police Officer

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A respondent suggests that the job at the police department has utterly lost all the prestige. There was a time when people used to admire police and treated it as a noble profession. Kids used to wish to be police officers in days when the job had its charm. Another user added that now the police officers need to work on the reputation they once had.

9. Librarian

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Without a doubt, librarians do not hold the same prestige as they once did. The reason is apparent, i.e., because of the internet and search engines' availability just a click away. A user claims that there was a time when librarians were so good at finding the required resources that they were treated as knowledge providers.

10. Web Designer

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A commentator shared that in the 90s, tons of money was made by building HTML sites, which was a new and cool thing back then. With the development in the tech field, content management software, and readymade templates came out where there is no need to excel in HTML or coding. Though it's still a secure job, the prestige and perks have dropped considerably.

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