10 Lies Parents Scare Children With That Are 100% False

Parents are known to slip a white lie here and there to “protect” children. Here are ten that turned out to be incorrect.

1. Busboy's Boss: From Intimidation to Relief

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This Redditor had a touch teenage job working as a busboy in their ex-stepdad's restaurant. The stepdad often intimidated them by saying that the “real world” was even tougher and that their bosses would be just as harsh. But when the Redditor quit and started working at a Dairy Queen, they found that his warnings were completely unfounded. In fact, their new boss was much kinder and more understanding. The Redditor's mother eventually left their ex-stepdad, which was a huge relief.

2. Water-logging Warning: Swim That Almost Wasn't

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When this swimmer was a child, their mother used to warn them about getting “water-logged” if they stayed in the water for too long. The mother claimed that she could look into their child's eyes and see the water level in their system. If the water level went above the iris, that meant they had to get out of the water to let it drain, or they would drown. The swimmer believed this for quite some time but eventually realized that the warning was completely baseless.

3. Facial Expression Myth: Storyteller's Memory

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A storyteller recently recounted a childhood memory where their mother would warn them about making certain facial expressions because it would freeze that way forever. The storyteller took this warning quite seriously and even tried to create dimples in their cheeks with pencil erasers. But no matter how hard they tried, they never ended up with dimples and eventually realized that the warning was not true.

4. TV and Brain Mush: Perception of Excessive Watching

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A TV enthusiast remembers their parents warning them that watching too much TV would turn their brains into mush. As a child, they took it literally and thought their brain would turn into a mushy substance. Even as an adult, they still feel like the warning had a lasting impact on their perception, despite now understanding that it was meant to discourage excessive TV watching.

5. Video Games Warning: Truth About Physical Effects

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According to a gamer, their mother used to warn them that playing too many video games could lead to needing little braces on their fingers. The mother even cited an example of a cashier at the grocery store who had such braces due to excessive gaming. However, the gamer later discovered that the warning was completely baseless and that playing video games had no adverse physical effects.

6. High School Boys: Misconceptions Revealed

Man playing video games
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When this storyteller was growing up, their parents warned them about boys and high school. They were told to be careful and that boys only wanted one thing from girls. But as the user found out, boys wanted to play Pokemon on their GameBoy! Who knew this innocent pastime was the “one thing” that concerned their parents?

7. D&D and Devil Worship: Truth About the Game

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Some people warned this adventurer that playing Dungeons and Dragons was a one-way ticket to devil worship. But when they finally tried it out for themselves, they realized it was all just a fun and harmless game. Now, they proudly embrace their inner nerd and identify as one of the many D&D enthusiasts.

8. Childhood Misconception: Dreamer's Royalty

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A dreamer recently shared a funny story from their childhood. Their dad used to joke around and call them “princess poopsalotta of looloo island,” and for a while, the dreamer actually believed it was true! They went to school telling everyone they were royalty, but the school eventually called their parents. Needless to say, their dad found the whole situation hilarious.

9. Don't Hold Back: Lesson From a Learner

mother and her daughter quarreled
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This learner's parents always warned them that anything less than a 90% grade in school would lead to a life of misery as a trash collector. But as it turned out, those warnings were completely unfounded. Despite getting lower grades, the learner pursued a successful career in a different field. Lesson learned: don't let baseless warnings hold you back from achieving your full potential.

10. Head Caving Warning: Debunking Childhood Myth

Annoyed woman
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When this explorer was a child, their parents warned them that picking their noses could cause their heads to cave in. This terrifying thought definitely made the explorer think twice about their nose-picking habits. But as it turns out, that warning was completely bogus – their head is still perfectly intact, even after some occasional nose-picking.

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