10 Everyday Things That Are So Expensive Now

In today's world, inflation and supply chain issues affect our daily lives in various ways, from grocery shopping to purchasing a car. Recently on an online platform, people have shared things that have seen a price rise recently and explored some strategies to cope with these increases.

1. Frozen Pizza Prices Skyrocket

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Frozen pizza was a go-to meal for many people, providing a cheap alternative to ordering takeout. Although the quality of the frozen pizza wasn't always the best, it was tolerable for most people. However, in recent times, the cost of frozen pizza has skyrocketed, with many options now costing close to $10. This price increase is a ripoff for many consumers for a once budget-friendly product.

2. Potato Chips: Shrinking Size, Growing Cost

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The price rise has not been kind to potato chips, a special junk food item in many households across the U.S. As inflation continues, people are becoming increasingly frustrated with the soaring prices of their favorite snacks. A standard bag of chips now costs nearly $5, and a family-size bag can cost almost $7. However, the real issue for many is the decreased quantity of chips they receive. As one person noted, “Not to mention how the family-sized bag is now the size of what used to be a regular bag.” On top of this, a significant portion of the bag is filled with air. While occasional sales may offer some relief from the high prices, these are becoming less common.

3. Soaring Soda Prices

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One person shared their frustration about the soaring prices of soda, particularly Coca-Cola. They reminisced about the days when a pack of 4 soda cans could be bought for just $10. Unfortunately, those times are gone, and prices for soda have risen significantly. Even smaller soda sizes, such as the 8-ounce cans, have seen a significant increase in cost. The commenter mentioned that they used to purchase a 30-pack of 8-ounce Coca-Cola cans for $9.99 at B.J.s. However, on their recent visit, the same pack now costs over $17. The price hike isn't limited to just Coca-Cola, as the cost of all types of soda has gone through the roof.

4. Fast Food No Longer Cheap

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Gone are the days of cheap fast food. According to one disgruntled diner, even a simple meal can set you back anywhere between $10 to $20. McDonald's Dollar Menu is no longer a budget-friendly option with the introduction of the $1, $2, or $3 Menu. Faced with these price hikes, people are coming up with creative solutions.

5. Graphics Cards: Prohibitively Expensive

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According to one user, computer graphics cards are becoming prohibitively expensive due to high demand. While tech-savvy individuals once built their own PPC to meet specific specifications, they're now throwing in the towel because of skyrocketing prices. The user admitted to purchasing a pre-built P.C. last year for the first time, as it was more cost-effective than building one from scratch.

6. Rising Cable T.V. Costs Frustrate Consumers

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Cable television costs are rising, making people feel frustrated and disheartened. One commenter shared that the average monthly cable cost in the U.S. exceeds $215 due to rising rights, fees, and taxes. While new customers may snag a good deal, existing cable subscribers often pay exorbitant rates. Consequently, many are ditching cable for alternative ways to watch their favorite shows. The idea of a la carte packages that allow consumers to select only the channels they want seems like a distant memory to many disgruntled cable users.

7. Cereal Prices Cause Concern

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As cereal prices continue to climb, people find it increasingly difficult to justify paying a premium for their favorite breakfast foods. Even store-brand cereals are no longer as affordable as once, causing consumers to search for other ways to save money. Some have skipped breakfast altogether and adopted intermittent fasting to reduce their grocery bills and lose weight. Despite the challenges, cereal remains a beloved part of many people's morning routines, and some are willing to pay a little extra to keep their favorite brands stocked in their pantry.

8. Pre-Ordering Becomes a Gamble

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A disgruntled consumer pointed out that pre-ordering items were a smart way to ensure they would own a popular item when it was released. However, with increasing supply chain issues and dishonest companies, pre-ordering has become more of a gamble than a guarantee. As a result, many people are hesitant to pre-order anything these days. According to the commenter, this includes video games. They refuse to pre-order games due to past experiences with companies who fail to deliver on their promises of a quality product.

9. Ice Cream: Less Value for More Money

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Unfortunately, ice cream companies are raising prices, reducing product sizes, and using air to make the product softer. Consumers are getting a different value than they used to, and seeing this trend is disappointing. However, it's good to know that sticking with high-quality brand names or buying small, single-serve containers can still provide a satisfying ice cream experience.

10. Car Prices Hit All-Time High

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One user states that the skyrocketing prices of cars are making it increasingly difficult for people to afford them, with the average price of a new car reaching an all-time high of $49,507 in 2022. However, there is still hope for those purchasing a reliable car without breaking the bank. The user suggests seeking out “beater” cars – a term that may have a negative connotation but refers to high-quality, dependable vehicles that won't drain your wallet.

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