“Loan Sharks Are Terrible People” Many Disrespect These 10 Occupations

When it comes to professions, everyone has their likes and dislikes. Some professions just ooze toxicity. A group of people in an online forum came together to name a profession that they have absolutely no respect for. Here are ten of the most popular responses.

1. People At the Top of MLM Pyramids

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“A friend's wife got in on the top of an MLM scheme. “It Works” body wraps, if you remember those things. She legit made a ton of money, while at the same time being the stereotypical MLMer on her FB posts, bragging about owning her own business, bragging about how much money she makes, bragging about being able to “retire” her husband. That last part was semi-true, as he did stop working for a year while she was making so much money doing it.

Then they saw the writing on the wall. Revenue was dropping, hard, which meant that their bonuses were also dropping big time. She eventually stopped with the It Works stuff, and he got a job again. But yeah, I think they made somewhere around 500k in like 3 years. Enough to build a house and pay for it in cash,” one person shared.

2. Payday Loan Sharks

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“My ex-wife, against my insistence that she not, got a title loan on her car for $1800. She paid $300/m for 6 months and still owed $1800. I asked to see the paperwork and it was a 205% 30 day loan. She had to pay the whole thing back in 30 days or she racked up late fees and penalties. When they finally hooked the car months later, the balance was over $6k. They sent a letter that they had sold the vehicle at auction for $3k and that they would drop it and she'd never hear from them again and it wouldn't go on her credit provided she did not come after them for return of the vehicle,” one user shared.

3. Call Center Employees

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“One of my parents' friends came within minutes of sending some scammer like $250,000. Fortunately the person at the bank talked her out of it, going so far as to get a manager involved, and to call her husband. She still thinks she should've done it. My parents told her the next time she feels like giving away tons of money, to buy me a car first, since I could really use one, and they can't afford to buy me one (and yes, I'm saving up for one). She'll probably just give it away though, someone said.

4. Online Event Ticket Resellers

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“Online event ticket buyers – ppl who try to predict the demand for an event (concert, sports, etc) and bulk buy tickets to re-sell at higher prices. There’s a whole industry with companies built entirely with employees who are bidding and selling full time,” one commenter cautioned.

Someone else added, “My ex-wife does this for a living. They hire students and pay them to create accounts and purchase as many tickets as they can. Then the wholesaler sits on a stockpile of tickets that they can sell at a markup. It’s such a scummy business model and everyone involved thinks their so smart and savvy for “inventing” this business that makes a bad experience even worse.”

5. Recruiters for Fake Talent Agencies

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“Those recruitment people for fake talent agencies. They do these whole presentations (often in person!) to get new actors and models to sign up at the end with an initiation fee sometimes in the thousands. A lot of the people being scammed don’t know the company is a scam until afterwards when they look them up on Yelp or the BBB. The recruiter usually seems legit. I don’t know how they sleep at night knowing that’s how they make the entirety of their income,” one person admonished.

6. Televangelists

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“Jesse Duplantis is nearby. He preaches the Prosperity Gospel in a palace. A friend of mine took me to a “service” in which he gave over 30 minutes of testimony on why he should have a $54 million dollar Provste Jet because Creflo Dollar had one.

Prosperity Gospel — a religious belief among some Protestant Christians that financial blessings are always the will of God for them, and that faith, positive speech, and donations to religious causes will increase one's material wealth. Financial success is seen as a sign of divine favor,” one person shared.

7. Paparazzi

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“They’re subhuman leeches. I’m surprised and bummed there haven’t been laws made to protect people when dealing with paparazzi. I wish there were more videos of cameras being snatched and lobbed under moving busses,” one person griped.

Someone else shared their story as a former paparazzo. ”

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Former paparazzo here. That entire industry is messed up. Let’s say Kim K. is doing literally anything. She lets her agents know because said agents need to know where they’ll be at any time. Those agents tell press, news wires, photo agencies, etc. The editors tell their photographers. And the photographers fight for exclusive images.

Sometimes the photos of private life are staged. Sometimes someone like Kanye West beating up a paparazzi is staged. In public though, anything and anyone is fair game and that goes two ways just because of the law. It’s not really stalking if you’ve been invited per se. And it’s similar with anyone else who is a public figure like the mayor or something.

Messed up? Yes. But it was a great way to get out of student loans and when I graduated into the worst recession ever in 2009.”

8. Unethical Animal Breeders

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“Unethical animal breeders, e.g. puppy farmers. Animals are literally bred to suffer and live horrendous lives because of them. Mothers are forced to breed at unsustainable rates and are often left malnourished and gravely ill. Their puppies develop serious illnesses very early in life and many of them die within weeks of their adoption. It benefits nobody but the cruel, irresponsible breeders.

Always check the background of your breeder before buying your new pet. Don't buy puppies on Gumtree,” one person advised.

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9. Chiropractors

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“My grandmother continued to go to a chiropractor for years for spinal pain. Once the chiropractor’s assistant began training in physical therapy, he realized there was no way my grandmother should have pain in the spine without seeing a medical doctor (which said chiropractor had convinced her she didn’t need). Assistant pulled my grandma aside secretly and advised her to seek medical treatment which led to her finally being diagnosed with bone cancer. I will never set foot in a chiropractor’s office,” one person shared.

10. Medical Debt Collectors

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“Medical debt collectors. There is an entire industry dedicated to collecting debt from people who owe money for medical bills. People whose job is to hound those who got sick or injured and couldn't pay for it. Imagine this. Imagine being the person who repeatedly calls a single mom whose kid needed an ambulance ride, threatens to file suit, get a judgment and garnish her wages,” one person said.

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