10 Crimes That Deserve Tougher Punishments

Punishments are given to criminals to make them aware that they did the wrong thing. And to warn other people not to think about the crime. If these punishments are severe, then the crime rate can be low. Here are a few crimes that must be punished more severely.

1. Sexual Assault

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Such cases are increasing day by day. This is not a regional issue but a worldwide issue. The punishment for these cases is imprisonment for a specific time. But this disgusting act must be punished more severely. The person who commits this crime must be punished with surgical or chemical castration. So that next time he can not even think about this offensive act.

2. Murder

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Murder is the most heinous crime. Ending somebody's life must be punished in the same way. But the procedure, trials, bail, and charged fine reduce the punishment to a few years imprisonment. And this punishment is not fair. This must be dealt with as blood for blood. The murderer must be hung publicly so that no one can dare to repeat the same act.

3. Terrorism

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Terrorism threatens the security of people, agencies, borders, and even countries. To kill a large group of people by bombing, firing, or kidnapping them is unacceptable in any religion. Thus there must be hard punishment to stop this brutal activity. If there are severe punishments, fewer people dare to follow these steps.

4. Kidnapping

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Kidnapping is a crime that every region faces. It does not depend on age and gender. Both men and women of every age are kidnapped. And the kidnappers ask for a large amount as ransom. Police trace the kidnappers and recover the kidnapped people. But after that, what happened to the kidnappers? After a bail or short imprisonment, they are released to kidnap somebody else. They deserve to stay in jail for the rest of life.

5. Animal Cruelty

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Animal cruelty is also a defined crime. But some people do not even consider it a crime. People harm animals just for entertainment. They fire up the tail of animals or cute organs to enjoy. One viral story of blending cats in a blender shocked everyone. Animal fighting is also included in this. There is no defined punishment for this act. Such kind of act must be punished seriously.

6. Public Harassment

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Public harassment is very common. Winking, whistling, body gestures, finger gestures, and verbal commenting are included in this category. At workplaces, shopping malls, hospitals, and streets, people face this kind of harassment. These acts must be charged with severe punishment to discourage such criminals.

7. Domestic Violence

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Domestic violence is also increasing day by day. Some people complain about this, and some do not because they think that no action will be taken. The only help provided by police is to arrest the abuser for 3 4 days. And take their signs on the documents promising not to do it again. But this act should be included in the list of serious crimes. And it must be punished in the way that the abuser fear to face the punishment.

8. Corruption

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Corruption is a flagitious crime. It is mostly observed in the government and private sectors, where the working organization is large. And it is difficult to trace these corruptions. And when the corrupt people are traced, they use their positions to eliminate it. In this case, police should not consider their posts and contact. They must be investigated on a fair scale. And must be charged with heavy fines to recover the corruption.

9. Cybercrime

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Cybercrimes have a large list. It includes hacking, fishing, password thieving, fake accounts, cybersex, and blackmailing. These crimes can be large enough to destroy a country. Thus criminals should be punished with a punishment that must be a lesson for others.

10. Hate Speech

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Hate speech crime is not taken seriously. It includes all the material that says something negative about the country, religion, and or respectable personalities. The material may include verbal speaking, pictures, posts, videos, and online content. This crime can create worldwide moments and can make history. Thus it is compulsory to punish such people who dare to spread hate speech against anyone. Such people should be suspended from jobs, posts, schools, and universities.

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