10 Tough Jobs With Low Salaries

Everybody needs a job to earn their bread and keep themselves well-fed. Some jobs are quite easy, don't require too much stress and hard work, and pay well too. While others are a handful and super complex, need ample training, and pay miserably low.

1. Caregivers for Adults

Younger Man Helping Senior Man
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Did you know that caregivers for adult disabilities need to go through special training and education? Well, that's the case. A commenter mentions that the job of being a caregiver for adults with disabilities is a high-stress and low-pay one.

She further adds that caregiving for adults with physical disabilities AND mental/emotional disabilities. That's a lot of baggage for any caregiver.

2. Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

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EMTs have a tough job. They provide emergency medical services, often found in ambulances and fire departments. Many of the users say that EMT is a highly stressful and low-paying profession.

One says that EMTs save lives and deal with a lot of difficult stuff, all for a $ 10-an-hour wage.

3. Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

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A CNA provides vital support to patients and nurses in an entry-level role. A few of the commenters, just like EMT, commented that it's a low-pay and high-stress bout.

A user shares that they worked as a CNA for a little over a decade. They say it's humbling, back-breaking work.

4. Any Job Involving Childcare

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Be it a Teacher, Aide, Daycare, or Nanny, a commenter says none of these are paid enough to deal with everything they do.

Teachers have to fund classroom supplies by themselves, with no funds from schools, and Nannies can have a tough time, but it depends on the families, so a commenter says.

5. Crisis Care

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Crisis Care representatives work at Crisis Prevention Hotlines. One of the users says that they put in unpaid as a volunteer, but the demand grew so much that they needed people to consistently work more hours every week.

They further say that it was just unrealistic to expect someone to volunteer for 20+ hours a week, especially with the increased training.

6. Veterinary Technician

Veterinarian or Vet Tech
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Vet Technicians have an unusually difficult job. Someone shares that schooling is required. You have to pass national boards, pay to register, and do continuing education every two years to keep being able to pay for it.

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They further add that you have to be the anesthetist, phlebotomist, hygienist, pharmacist, place catheters, and handle controlled medication. All for slightly more than minimum wage. Registering to be an RN is 190$ for two years. Registering to be an RVT for two years is 350$.

7. Substitute Teachers

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Substitute teachers have it just as hard as regular teachers—or maybe harder? One of the commenters said that they subbed a little during COVID-19 when the local district was hard up for help.

They say they have a master's degree in engineering and years of experience tutoring, as well as a flexible schedule as SAHM. According to them, after taxes and transportation costs, they made around $10/day.

8. Kitchen Job in a Restaurant

Cooking in Restaurant
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You may think kitchen jobs aren't that difficult, but that's because you haven't done any yourself. Someone shares that any kitchen job in a restaurant context is low-paying and super stressful.

Another says that they are over 50 now, and the hardest, most demanding jobs they have ever had were all fast food. These were also the lowest-paying jobs they ever had. All were minimum wage.

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9. Architect

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Architects must make flashy money quite easily, right? But that's not the truth. A commenter says that Architects have a hard job and get as little pay as hard it is.

A girl says that she dated a man who was an architect. She says she was floored when he told me how little he made. She always assumed it was one of those jobs where people made at least a livable wage. He…did not.

10. Zoo Keeper

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Zookeeping seems fun. You spend time with all sorts of animals and meet tourists sometimes. But it's not all fun and games, or so a commenter mentioned. They say it's very dirty, often physically demanding, and sometimes a very dangerous job done in all kinds of weather.

They further add that you generally need a 4-year degree and a couple of unpaid internships to even be considered, at least in the US. They say Zoo keepers often do not get any benefits either. Many that they have known needed a second job on the side to make ends meet.

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