10 Interesting Statements Made by “Environmentalists”

Environmentalism is a diverse and important movement focused on protecting the planet and promoting sustainable practices. However, like any movement, some individuals may express their beliefs peculiarly or outrageously. Recently people shared some of the most ridiculous things they have heard from self-proclaimed environmentalists.

1. Recycling Misunderstanding

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The first commenter shared a peculiar experience: their friend's child made a bird feeder from a plastic soda bottle for show and tell. Surprisingly, the teacher advised against using it, claiming it was still considered litter and should be recycled. The user questioned this response, pointing out that reusing an item that would otherwise be discarded should be considered a form of recycling. They couldn't help but wonder if recycling only counted when items were placed in designated bins.

2. Donating Blood Dilemma

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Another enthusiast recounted an encounter with an “eco-warrior” who criticized them for donating blood due to the plastic involved. The advocate defended their act, highlighting that blood donation saves lives. However, the environmental advocate countered by arguing that it merely enables more people to continue polluting the planet. This perspective took aback the passionate supporter, as they believed in the value of aiding others through blood donation.

3. Extraterrestrial Energy Solution

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Reflecting on an election season event, a devotee attended a speech by Ralph Nader at a local college. Activists were present, distributing pamphlets on various causes. One lady claimed to possess the secret to clean energy: “extraterrestrials.” She passionately argued that humanity needed to intensify the search for beings from another world to benefit from their advanced clean energy technology. Intrigued by this unconventional viewpoint, the enthusiast took a pamphlet, finding its content as outlandish as expected.

4. Fuel Efficiency Rivalry

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Recalling an extraordinary encounter, an individual described being verbally assaulted by a Prius driver for burning gasoline and harming the environment. However, the supporter proudly drove a CRX, a vehicle renowned for its 53 miles per gallon fuel efficiency. They couldn't help but find irony in the situation, realizing that their own vehicle surpassed the Prius in fuel economy. Despite the discrepancy, the enthusiast couldn't understand why they were being targeted when their transportation choice was more environmentally conscious.

5. Leather Gloves and Environmental Ethics

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Sharing a memorable interaction, an enthusiast worked at a motorcycle parts counter where a customer inquired about gloves made of genuine leather. The supporter explained that the gloves were actually made of a synthetic leather called Clarino, which was durable but could melt to the skin. Unexpectedly, the customer criticized the use of animal products and expressed difficulty finding canvas shoes. In a lighthearted attempt to challenge the customer's perspective, the devotee humorously mentioned that the gasoline used in their motorcycle was likely derived from ancient creatures. However, the customer did not appreciate the attempt at humor.

6. Meat and Cancer Belief

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Remembering a conversation, an advocate remembered a girl claiming that eliminating meat from diets would obliterate cancer. The enthusiast found this statement captivating and wondered about the scientific basis behind such a belief. While they acknowledged the importance of a healthy diet, they found it hard to fathom the idea that removing meat consumption would stop the existence of cancer.

7. Wooden Toothpick Dilemma

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A baffling moment is shared by an enthusiast who a woman berated for discarding a wooden toothpick into a mulch bed outside a shopping mall. The supporter was taken aback by the woman's outrage, questioning her opposition to disposing of a small wooden stick among other similar sticks. Puzzled by the intensity of the woman's reaction, the devotee couldn't comprehend why such a minor action would provoke such a passionate response.

8. Hypocrisy on Wheels

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Expressing their confusion, a supporter mentioned an encounter with an individual who criticized them for taking the bus, claiming it contributed to pollution. However, this criticism seemed hypocritical since the person who voiced it drove an F-150, a vehicle known for its fuel consumption. The enthusiast found it ironic that someone driving a less fuel-efficient vehicle would chastise them for using public transportation, which typically had a lower environmental impact.

9. Vegan Seat Selection

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During a college class, someone shared a tale about sitting next to two “straightedge” vegans. Despite being friendly, these individuals consistently chided the supporter for wearing leather shoes and encouraged them to adopt a vegan lifestyle. However, the tables turned when the enthusiast joined them for a concert, only to discover that their car had leather seats. When the supporter pointed out this contradiction, the vegans justified their decision by stating that they purchased the vehicle from another vegan, seemingly absolving themselves of any ethical concerns.

10. Donating for Karma Points

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In a humorous encounter, a proponent encountered a person shouting about donating to save the oceans and dolphins, emphasizing the allure of free karma points. Intrigued, the supporter decided to contribute $5 to the cause but declined to fill out the extensive signup sheet. Disappointingly, no instant karma or positive repercussions resulted from their donation, leaving the enthusiast to question the efficacy of the whole endeavor.

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How I make $11,000 per year renting out my spare rooms?

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