“Millennials Don’t Know Good Music” Boomers Don’t Understand These 10 Musical Tastes Of Their Kids

Let's say some of these new opinions of the younger people are polarizing to put it lightly.

1. Nu-metal Is Alive and Well: Defying the Stereotypes

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Step into the mosh pit of the nu-metal debate, and you'll find a music enthusiast armed with a solid argument. Forget the naysayers claiming that nu-metal was a flash in the pan because this aficionado has evidence to the contrary. They point to the enduring legacy of bands like System of a Down, Slipknot, Deftones, and Korn, who still reign supreme on festival stages and continue to unleash critically acclaimed albums. Even the much-maligned Limp Bizkit and Papa Roach secure coveted spots at major festivals.

2. The Romantic Era: An Emotional Alternative to Classical Music

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Classical music has a rich history spanning centuries, but according to one classical music enthusiast, not all eras are created equal. While they appreciate the genius of Beethoven, they can't stand Mozart and find his music to be overly ornate and fancy. Instead, this fan prefers the Romantic era of orchestral music, which they believe feels more emotional and resonant. While this opinion may be unpopular among classical music fans, this enthusiast argues that it's important to have an open mind and explore all eras of music to find what truly speaks to you.

3. Dolly Parton vs Whitney Houston: A Battle of Love Songs

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Close your eyes and let the soulful battle begin: Dolly Parton versus Whitney Houston. In one corner, a music lover passionately argues that Parton's rendition of “I Will Always Love You” outshines Houston's. They claim that Parton's heartfelt performance exudes authenticity and pure Love, while Houston's version leans too heavily on showmanship and lacks the sincerity that makes the song truly resonate. For this discerning listener, Parton's emotional depth triumphs over Houston's vocal acrobatics any day.

4. Courtney Love: Protector of Nirvana's Legacy

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Enter the mysterious world of Kurt Cobain and Nirvana, where one fervent fan believes that Courtney Love deserves recognition for preserving her late husband's musical legacy despite the controversies surrounding her. Despite whispers of conspiracy theories and Love's polarizing reputation, this passionate advocate praises her tireless efforts in promoting Nirvana's music and ensuring Cobain's artistic vision is honored. They highlight Love's role in releasing rare recordings and live performances and her work to protect Nirvana's music from unauthorized commercial exploitation. Love may be a lightning rod, but this Nirvana devotee sees her as a guardian of grunge.

5. Gaming Music: Great Even Without the Game

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Have you ever listened to video game music? According to one avid gamer, you're missing out on some incredible music if you haven't. This fan believes that video game soundtracks are not only enjoyable while playing the game but also as standalone music pieces. They argue that video game composers put a lot of effort into blending their music with the game's story and world, resulting in cohesive and memorable soundtracks.

6. Bagpipes: Love ‘Em or Leave ‘Em

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Prepare your eardrums for a bold proclamation from a bagpipe enthusiast unafraid to voice their unconventional musical opinion. This passionate connoisseur defies the norm and declares their Love for the bagpipes, urging others to join their unique musical quest. With an emotional plea to give this ancient instrument a chance, they promise that the sound of the bagpipes holds untapped beauty and charm. Brace yourself for a musical adventure like no other, as this enthusiast invites you to embrace the distinctive and evocative notes that bagpipes bring to the music world.

7. Bangers in Every Genre: Open Your Ears

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Do you believe that there is a genre of music that is completely unworthy of your attention? A music enthusiast shared that you might want to reconsider that notion. They firmly believe that every genre of music has something to offer and that dismissing an entire genre as “sucks” is a disservice to yourself. This avid music lover argues that every genre has hidden gems and bangers worth exploring and that it's worth digging deep and finding something that resonates with you.

8. Musical Genres: Don't Box Them In

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Buckle up for a genre-hopping journey with a music advocate who believes artists should be free to switch things up. In their eyes, music lovers are not bound by the chains of a single genre, so why should artists be? This advocate embraces the idea that artists' creative souls yearn to explore new sonic landscapes and experiment with different styles. They argue that musical evolution is a natural and exciting part of an artist's journey, echoing the sentiment that variety is the spice of life.

9. Organic vs Digital: A Debate on Music Sounds

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Are you a fan of organic, traditional sounds, or do you prefer modern music's slick, digital sounds? According to one passionate music lover, there is no right or wrong when it comes to music. They firmly believe that all sounds are valid and that preferences for certain types of music are entirely subjective. While they may personally lean towards organic sounds, they acknowledge that digital music is just as valid and deserving of respect.

10. Marty Robbins: The Master Storyteller

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Marty Robbins may not be a household name, but according to one music enthusiast, he is the best storyteller ever to live. This fan believes Robbins' songs are vivid and transport listeners to another time and place. From the western-themed “El Paso” to the ballad “Big Iron,” Robbins' storytelling ability is unmatched. While some may scoff at this opinion, this fan argues that Robbins' music is a testament to the power of storytelling through song.

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