10 Dream Jobs to Pursue After Winning the Lottery

Tired of your 9-5 job and barely meeting ends? Imagine hitting the jackpot, and you wake up a millionaire. What are you going to do with all that wealth? We made you just the list of 10 dream jobs you might consider pursuing after winning the lottery. So, grab your imagination, and let's dream together in a world where some of the most intriguing roles can turn your pre-lottery life into a real-life fairy tale.

1. Coral Restoration Projects

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Coral restoration enthusiasts praise this job as their dream job. A commenter believes his love for coral restoration activities shines through in everything he does. These individuals dedicate their time and energy to protecting and reviving fragile coral ecosystems.

Another American added that his friend got hired by GoPro, and all he does now is dive around in the ocean with GoPro and live his dream. Amazing, Right?

2. Own Bakery

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Many dream of Owning a bakery, but what's pulling you from opening your own bakery? Money? Money will be no issue when you're a millionaire. A user commented that once he gets all these stacks of money in his bank, he'll open a bakery with his wife. Owning a bakery can benefit you in many ways, as you can experiment with new recipes and styles every day without any hesitation.

3. Crane Operator

Ship with Cranes
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Operating these long, enormous cranes is no joke, but this job is on the bucket list of many.

Daredevils think that operating these massive cranes at dizzying heights is not for the faint of heart, but they praise this job. They appreciate the bird's eye view of the world below and the opportunity to fly in the sky.

4. Novelist

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What's more relaxing when you have more than 40 hours extra time every week, and you dedicate all that to writing your novel, which has been in your mind for years? People believe that becoming a full-time novelist is a dream for many, and this passion for writing remains within them, but now nothing's pulling them. Unleash your craze for writing.

5. Farmer

close up view hands of farmer picking lettuce in hydroponic greenhouse.
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It is one of the most challenging jobs out there, but it still managed its way on the bucket lists of enthusiasts who love farming. A commenter said that once he became a farmer, he would donate 99% of his harvested food to food banks to feed many starving souls.

While others believe that they'll farm for their families even after becoming a millionaire, now, That's pure passion, isn't it?

6. Gunsmith

laser gun player shooting in futuristic labyrinth

Being a gunsmith is a pretty interesting job to do, and why not? Numerous people said that the combination of craftsmanship and a commitment to safety makes them love this job, as they would play a crucial role in tradition and innovation within the world of firearms.

Gun enthusiasts take pride in firearm customization and restoration, where each weapon they work on becomes a unique piece of functional art and craftsmanship.

7. Yarn Shop

Yarn Shop
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Owning a yarn shop is nostalgic, as you don't see much now. A commenter narrates the story of him being a child when his aunt owned a yarn shop, and he would spend the entire day after school there.

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This dream of opening a yarn shop remained in himself all these years, but he believed that he would be inaugurating a shop once nothing pulled him apart. A yarn shop makes you learn some skills, such as crochet and cross stitch, which makes you stand out from the crowd.

8. Pianist

Hands playing piano
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Pianists are deeply passionate about their art, and their love for being a pianist is widely seen in their dedication to creating music.

A pianist said that If he won the lottery, he'd keep doing what he's doing, but he'd love the freedom to only take jobs that really meant something to him and only work with students who were really dedicated. It's a lifelong journey of self-discovery and creativity while being a pianist.

9. Bookstore

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A small bookstore in your locality where every customer within those doors comes from the neighborhood is a dream job for many.

Book readers believe owning a bookstore will make them passionate about their work for many reasons. They have a significant love for books, and their store allows them to immerse themselves in the world of literature every day. Being surrounded by shelves filled with books will create a haven for readers and book enthusiasts.

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10. Teaching

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No doubt, teaching is one of the most respectable jobs around the globe, and for obvious reasons, teachers don't get paid enough. Well, that's not the issue when you're a millionaire.

Teaching fans love this job for many reasons, and it goes far beyond the classroom. They believe that they have the power to shape young minds and empower future generations.

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