10 Stories Kids Say They’ll Never Tell Their Parents

Secrets can help bond a relationship. They can also lead to issues. What will they do in these scenarios?

1. The Abandoned Florida Apartment

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Imagine signing a lease for a beautiful apartment in Florida, only to realize that you'll never get to live in it. This is precisely what happened to a wanderlust soul who made a blunder during their internship at Disney. Despite paying for the lease for a year, they never got to utilize it as their roommates refused to sublease. The whole experience left a sour taste in their mouth, and they acknowledged their mistake, admitting they messed up. However, they don't want to hear about it from their folks and are ready to move on to the next adventure.

2. Jail Time for Marijuana Possession

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It's not easy harboring a secret from your parents, especially when it's been weighing on your mind for the last five years. A rebel soul knows this all too well. They have a secret that may not be a significant issue, but revealing it to their mom would shatter her. They spent a night in jail for possessing marijuana and kept it a secret all this time. However, the burden of not telling their mother is becoming too heavy to bear, and they're unsure how long they can keep it hidden.

3. The Mysterious Toilet Explosion

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We all have childhood secrets that we keep buried deep inside. For one commentator, this secret involves an exploding toilet. Yes, you read that right. The commentator caused the toilet in their home to explode, but they've never confessed to their parents. Years have passed, but their stepdad still believes that an intruder broke into the house, vandalized the washroom, and left without a trace. The commentator has no intention of ever confessing, keeping this secret buried for a long time.

4. Low Self-esteem and Family Berating

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Growing up with parents who constantly belittle and ridicule you is not easy. A sensitive soul knows this all too well. They've never disclosed to their parents that their low self-esteem stems from the constant verbal abuse they endure. They believe confessing would only lead to more shame and mocking from their folks. Instead, they suffer in silence, grappling with their self-worth and the emotional wounds inflicted by their parents' words.

5. Secrets of Sleeping Around and Drug Use

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Family relationships can be complicated, especially when you don't share a particularly close bond with your parents. An independent-minded individual knows this all too well. They've realized that their folks are kind people who did the best they could for them. However, some things are best kept hidden from them, not to avoid catastrophic outcomes but to prevent unnecessary trauma. The individual confesses to having slept with many people, some of whom were men, and experimenting with drugs at one point in their life. It's not something they're proud of, but it's a part of who they are, and they're learning to accept it.

6. The Hidden Homelessness Experience

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Imagine losing your job and apartment during the 2008 recession and being homeless for two years. That's exactly what one survivor went through, taking on various jobs to make ends meet, including cleaning houses and working part-time at a recreational center. But they chose not to share this experience with their parents, who lived far away. Instead, they managed to keep a mailing address at a friend's place to avoid worrying their parents. Despite their struggles, the person wanted to do it all on their own, without asking for help, fearing that their parents would be devastated if they found out.

7. The Vague Drug Use Confession

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When the person was asked about their past drug experimentation, they revealed that their parents were aware of it, but they chose not to disclose the details. They didn't want to worry their mom, who was always anxious about their well-being. Although they knew their parents had dabbled in drugs themselves, they didn't want to reveal the specifics of their own experiences.

8. Disney Elopement Plans

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Picture this: an adventurer and their fiancé planning to elope in Disney World in a few short months. The catch? They're keeping it a secret from their family. The reason? The couple wants to avoid the stress of a big wedding and their family's opinions. They worry their loved ones will be hurt or disappointed that they weren't included in the planning process. Despite the secrecy, the adventurer is excited about a stress-free wedding with their partner.

9. The Mullet Wig Drinking Incident

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At a recent party, one attendee shared a confession with their friends. Although their parents were aware of their drinking violation in their freshman year of college, they never knew the full story. The incident involved a wild night of partying that led to the person waking up in a sorority house flower bed wearing a mullet wig, jorts, boots, and a Texas flag cape. Despite the minor punishment, the person decided to keep the hilarious and embarrassing details of the night a secret from their parents.

10. The European Adventure Lie

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A rebel is born! One person told their parents they were spending a few days at their friend's house celebrating their exam success. But instead, they went on an adventurous trip to Europe, visiting Barcelona, France, and Italy without their parent's knowledge. While the individual feels guilty for lying, they cherish the memories of their spontaneous and exciting journey.

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