10 Most Ridiculous Rules People Have In Their Home

Have you ever heard of people with ridiculous rules in their homes? Well, some individuals have taken things to the next level regarding rules within their households. Now we will look at some ridiculous rules people have in their homes, as shared by different individuals online. Get ready to be shocked and entertained by these bizarre and amusing rules!

1. Extreme Parenting: Locking Up the Kitchen Cabinets

A Redditor shared a story about a radical parenting approach. Their friend's mother was so fixated on controlling her child's diet that she put locks on all the kitchen cabinets. She even took 50% of her son's earnings. Unfortunately, when the child turned 18, they were evicted and left stranded outside with all their belongings. Thankfully, the Redditor's parents offered their friend a place to stay until they could support themselves.

2. Strict Bedtime Rules in Your 20s

The internet is full of strange stories, and one recent example is about someone who was forced to adhere to strict bedtime rules even in their 20s. They had to be in bed by 8 pm every night and call their dad to let him know they were going to sleep, even if they were at a friend's house or celebrating their 21st birthday.

3. The Politeness Overload: No Asking for Anything

Politeness is extreme in some families, as one social media user shared. They were raised with the rule that they could not ask for anything when visiting someone's home, even a glass of water. It was deemed rude to inconvenience the hosts, and they were only allowed to accept what was offered. This sometimes meant going without basic necessities during visits.

4. King at the Table: Refusing to Get Up for Anything

Another user shared a shocking revelation about their ex-father-in-law, who had a peculiar habit during mealtime. Once he sat down to eat, he refused to get up. His wife and children were the only ones allowed to get anything from the kitchen for him. This meant he had to wait for someone else to get him anything he needed like a king being served by his subjects.

5. Open-Door Policy: No Privacy Until You're a Teenager

One social media user shared an unusual family rule about bedroom doors. Their spouse and siblings were not allowed to have bedroom doors until they were teenagers, and even then, they had to keep them open at all times. The mother reasoned that they shouldn't hide anything from their parents. After getting married, this rule made for some awkward moments when the spouse started sleeping with the door closed.

6. Snack of Kindness: Small Gestures That Mean the World

A heartwarming story was shared by a person who offered a snack to a high school student who visited their house. When they praised the student for their academic achievement and offered them a choice of snacks, the student broke down in tears. No one had ever congratulated them or offered them a snack after school. It was a small gesture that meant the world to them.

7. A tab of Responsibility: Teaching Financial Accountability

Somebody shared a unique way that their friend's parents tracked expenses. They kept a “tab” of all the expenses for their two sons and added anything off-limits, like snacks, to the tab. The boys were informed that they would have to repay the full amount of the tab, but upon graduating, the parents cleared the tab as a special gift. It was an unconventional but effective way of teaching financial responsibility.

8. One Towel Bagels: Eccentric Eating Habits

A particular individual shared a peculiar bagel rule that their friend's father enforced. He only allowed one paper towel to be used for eating bagels and prohibited using plates or bowls. Eating or reheating a bagel on any other surface was strictly forbidden, although everyone has their own eccentricities.

9. Zero-Tolerance Policy on Alcohol

Another story was shared about a friend who had a strict zero-tolerance policy on alcohol enforced by her family. While at a sleepover, the friend saw beer in the fridge and called her mother to pick her up immediately. Any mention or discussion of alcohol was prohibited in the family.

10. Eat Your Meal First: Family Dinner Tension

Finally, a former colleague shared a rule enforced by a couple during family dinners that forbade their children from eating until they finished their meal first. The ex-colleague called the man an “ass,” implying that the rule caused tension and resentment at the dinner table. It is a rare and potentially problematic rule.

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