10 Most Ridiculous Examples of Men Being Clueless About Women

Gender-based misconceptions and stereotypes are still prevalent in our society, leading to ridiculous explanations given by some men to women about various topics. Recently on an online platform, people have shared absurd and sometimes hilarious incidents where men attempted to explain things to women, only to be corrected by their real-life experiences and expertise.

1. Man Denies Basic Biology

It sounds like something out of a bizarre sci-fi movie, but one woman's encounter with a man who denied basic biology is unfortunately all too real. According to her, the man tried to argue that women aren't really mammals because they lay eggs every month. Despite her valiant attempts to set him straight, he refused to budge from his absurd belief.

2. Mansplaining Special Education

A man once tried to mansplain special education to his wife, who has a degree in the subject. He claimed to know more about the needs of autistic children than she did, even going so far as to suggest that they couldn't learn to pick up their own toys. The fact that this man was also her husband and the father of her children only made the situation more infuriating.

3. Clueless Guy and Periods

It's hard to accept anyone could be so clueless about basic anatomy, but one woman's encounter with a guy who thought periods stop when women lie down proves otherwise. To his way of thinking, the fact that pads are available for nighttime use meant that women must only menstruate while standing up like robots. The woman couldn't help but shake her head at such a ridiculous notion.

4. Starbucks Ignorance: Women and Coffee

A woman working at Starbucks had a run-in with a man who believed women could not make an “americano.” Despite her clear knowledge of the drink and its history, the man tried to argue with her, even going so far as to claim that the drink was French, not Italian. The woman was less than impressed with his ignorance.

5. Childbirth Pain Myth Debunked

When it comes to childbirth, most people understand that it can be an incredibly painful experience. But apparently, not everyone got the memo, as one woman discovered when she spoke with a man who claimed that the pain was a myth and that women were exhibiting “learned helplessness.” Despite being eight months pregnant then, the woman wasn't afraid to call him out on his ignorance and dismissiveness.

6. Debunking Childless Women Stereotypes

For some reason, some people still believe that women who don't want kids must have some deep-seated emotional issues. One user had the misfortune of encountering just such a person, who tried to convince her that her decision was due to unresolved childhood trauma. The user quickly set him straight, insisting that her choice was hers and had nothing to do with underlying issues.

7. Overlooking Women Pilots in History

It's sad that women's contributions to history have often been overlooked or dismissed. This was made painfully clear to one woman when two men at an airshow tried to convince her that no women had flown military aircraft in WWII. They even went so far as to proclaim that women didn't have the right temperament for it. Little did they know that the woman's mother was a WWII pilot, and she was happy to put them in their place.

8. Undervalued Expertise in Real Estate

Despite being a seasoned real estate agent, one commenter's dad tried to explain the mortgage process to her. When she corrected him, he dismissed her expertise in her own field, leaving her feeling frustrated and undervalued.

9. Roosters and Egg-Laying Ignorance

A man once tried to argue with a chicken-keeping expert about the basics of chicken biology. Despite the expert's years of experience and knowledge, the man insisted that chickens needed a rooster to lay eggs. It's no wonder the expert was left feeling annoyed and skeptical.

10. Ignorant Comment on Hormones in the Workplace

At a seminar about women in the workplace, one man made a highly ignorant comment about women and their hormones. He suggested that women's personal problems were the biggest challenge they faced in their professional lives. Needless to say, this statement was met with widespread disbelief and frustration from the other attendees.

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Source: Reddit


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