“My Job Pays Slave Wages” 10 Respected Careers That Pay Very Little

Some jobs and posts earn reputation and respect. But in terms of earnings, they ranked below many unknown and least-known jobs. 

1. Teachers

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Teachers and educators are known for the most respectful job in the world. In every country and religion, teachers are treated courteously. They teach and groom the upcoming generation of the world. They are the role model for the kids. But unfortunately, they are not paid accordingly. The average salary of a teacher ranges between $47,418 and $69,251.

2. Journalist

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Journalists are the most important post in today's technological and fast world. They spread the news in a few minutes to keep the world updated with the current news. Sometimes these journalists have to endure harsh situations and life threats while doing their job. That is why they get huge respect from the public. But they are not paid according to their efforts. Their dedication is threefold high than their salary.

3. Environmentalist

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The job of environmentalists is the most prominent, important, and crucial post of this era. Every company and organization that wants to be ranked in sustainable companies has this post. And the environmentalist is provided with huge respect. And they are considered as the savior of the mother earth. But they do not get that much in return. However, companies have allocated environmentalist posts. But they are not ready to pay them.

4. Religious Leaders

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Every religion has leaders with vast knowledge and experience of the respective religion. People contact these leaders for their problems, to attain opinions and suggestions on their life matters. Different religions call them by name, such as priest, father, cleric, or clergyman. But people only respect them and do not consider their financial needs. The government pays them at lower scales.

5. Musicians

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Musicians have a very high scope. They are demanded at concerts and functions. But only highly ranked musicians are paid high prices. The musicians and singers with less following do not get paid according to their work. They are paid on small milestones and achievements. And the payment is not sufficient to meet their financial needs.

6. Health Workers

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Health workers include physicians, nurses, home attendants, and clinical pharmacists. People respect this profession because they help people in their hard times. People trust them with the lives of their dear ones, and that is why people respect them. But the harsh reality is that this respected profession lacks a high pay scale. To earn their living, health workers do part-time shifts.

7. Social Workers

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A group of commentators voted for social workers to pay peanuts. He argues that social workers are those people who manage social ethics, care for orphans, educate street children, feed the needy, and help the poor. On a higher level, social workers include people who volunteer in large organizations to serve humanity. There is no other prestige profession than to serve humanity. But unluckily, they are not paid as full-time jobs.

8. Agricultural Workers

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One more profession that is not paid as it is worthy of being paid. Farmers and agricultural work day and night to find the best practices to grow crops and grains. This is a valuable profession because if the agricultural people did not work, the world would not get food. In return for this hard work, they are paid with peanuts and always remain hand to mouth.

9. Biomedical Engineer

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Inspired by the reputation and post name, the youngster shows an urge to become a biomedical engineer. But it is important to know the payment scale of every job before setting a goal. Unfortunately, biomedical engineers are not paid according to their reputation. The annual average income of biomedical engineers in the USA is $79720.

10. Psychologist

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Psychological issues are getting more and more these days. People are victims of depression. In this regard, they need to see a psychiatrist. Psychiatrists play an important role in saving a lot of people's life. But they do not earn enough to spend their life in a good way. In the past time, psychiatrists were not even considered doctors. Now they are considered but do not get money equally.

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