“My Manager Is The Worst” 10 ‘I Quit’ Stories From Employees Done With Their Terrible Workplace

Saying “I quit” can be the most liberating day in one's life.

1. The Day I Quit My Dream Job

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Picture this: a brave adventurer takes on a summer job at a retail store in a less-than-desirable neighborhood. Assigned with repainting a wooden fence, they encounter a bizarre encounter. While working diligently, an unexpected intruder appears on the other side, engaging in bodily functions that almost hit the adventurer's head. With shock and anger, the adventurer demands the offender leave. But the audacious intruder ignores the plea and leaves an unsightly surprise on the opposite side of the fence. Disgusted and reaching their limit, the adventurer calls it a day, boldly proclaiming to their boss, “You don't pay me enough to be a human toilet target.”

2. My Exit From the Toxic Workplace

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In the realm of love, an enchanting tale unfolds as a lovebird recounts their journey of dating a regular customer at their workplace. Little did they know, this customer happened to be the object of their coworker's affection, igniting fiery jealousy. As envy intensifies, the coworker resorts to wicked acts, tampering with the customer's food and spreading falsehoods about the lovebird's work ethic. The situation dramatically turns when the coworker pilfers $100 from the lovebird's cash drawer, leading the boss to accuse the lovebird of the theft falsely. Frustrated by the boss's bias, the lovebird makes a resolute decision, quitting on the spot and refusing to shoulder the blame for the stolen money. Months later, justice prevails when the company captures the coworker's thievery on camera, resulting in her termination. Interestingly, amidst the chaos, the customer who sparked the controversy blossomed into the lovebird's lifelong partner.

3. Breaking Free From the Monotonous Routine

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The life of devoted movie enthusiasts takes an unforgettable turn as they delve into the chaos of working at a movie theater during the release of Star Wars 7. Amidst the frenzy, fate plays its hand, assigning them to work on Christmas Day. When they thought they had seen it all, a radio call summons them to a theater needing cleaning. What they encounter there is beyond belief: a repugnant mound of excrement left behind by an adult patron. In self-preservation and self-respect, the movie fan abandons their broom, leaving the theater for good. There is no need to explain the reason behind their swift departure to their employer – the grotesque situation renders any explanation unnecessary.

4. Standing Up Against Workplace Harassment

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An exemplar of professionalism recounts their final days working at a restaurant in M'boro, TN, after securing a better job opportunity. Fueled by courtesy, they approach their employer to tender a two-week notice, despite time constraints allowing only one week. However, their boss responds with less-than-gracious understanding, subjecting the professional to a lecture on the significance of a full two weeks' notice. Fed up with their employer's demeanor, the professional politely suggests that their last day of work could be that day. The sense of liberation and relief that washes over them upon quitting is palpable, marking the end of an era and the beginning of new horizons.

5. When Workplace Injustice Becomes Too Much

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A tech-savvy newcomer recalls their first week at a large retail store where they were held up by a train and arrived five minutes late. Despite explaining their situation, the manager gave them a lecture and even issued a write-up for being tardy. When the newbie tried to express their side of the story, the manager demanded more remorse. Frustrated and feeling undervalued, the newbie calmly stated that if their five-minute tardiness warranted a write-up and lecture, then they would rather leave the job.

6. The Final Straw: Quitting on the Spot

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In the paint department of a well-known home improvement store, one former employee had a terrible experience with management. After following the proper protocol to request time off for their wedding and honeymoon, they were shocked to find their request had been denied. Despite their explanations, the employee was threatened with termination and blocklisting if they didn't attend. Feeling betrayed, the employee walked out on the spot and left the company behind.

7. Forced To Choose Between Family and Career

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A customer working nights at a UK-based supermarket chain called ASDA was forced to extend their six-month probation period due to two unauthorized absences. When the worker was told they had to work on New Year's Eve, a day they were not contracted to work and had already made plans, the section leader insisted that it was non-negotiable. Feeling frustrated and undervalued, the worker refused to show up for their next shift and stopped answering calls.

8. Walking Out on a Farm Job Over Payment Dispute

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As a soldier serving in the US military, one person was considering re-enlisting for another four years. However, when discussing their concerns about missing out on their daughter's life with their commanding officer, they were told they could afford to miss two more years since they had already missed two years of her life. Feeling frustrated and undervalued, the soldier went to the Command Career Counselor's office and signed their intention to separate, unwilling to sacrifice any more precious time with their daughter.

9. When Stick-to-The-rules Mentality Goes Too Far

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Baling hay on a farm was physically demanding for one farmhand, but the real frustration came when the farmer refused to pay them for the 40 hours they had already worked. Despite the worker's financial obligations, the farmer insisted on paying at the end of the season, which was still three months away. The farmhand pleaded to be paid bi-weekly, but their request was denied. Frustrated and unable to continue working without a more reasonable payment schedule, the worker gave the farmer an ultimatum – pay them by the end of the day, or they wouldn't return. Though the worker felt guilty about leaving the farmer in the lurch, they couldn't work without a more sensible payment arrangement.

10. Unofficially Quitting: When Work-life Balance Is Ignored

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Despite working grueling 10-12 hour days at a startup, one diligent employee was reprimanded for leaving five minutes before their scheduled end time. The worker had finished their tasks and shut down their system at 6:45 pm on a Friday, ready to head home, but their boss insisted they stay until 7 pm. This incident was the last straw for the employee, who strictly adhered to their official hours, regardless of workload or deadlines. While it took time for them to resign due to adult life obligations officially, that moment marked the beginning of the end for the employee's dedication to the company.

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