Boomers Knew Better: 10 “New Age” Parenting Trends That Will Not Help Your Kids

At times the old advice is the best advice. Here are 10 new parenting trends that are simply not going to help kids progress through life.

1. Damaging Trend: Destroying Children's Property

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Destroying a child's property as punishment is a terrible parenting trend that sends a damaging message to children. Even if some viral videos of parents destroying their children's belongings may be staged, the behavior still teaches children that violence and destruction are acceptable ways to handle their emotions and conflicts. Such parents may also struggle with controlling their emotions, leading to an unhealthy and unsafe home environment.

2. Over-scheduling Children: Importance of Unstructured Playtime

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Are parents over-scheduling their children? One child advocate believes so and suggests that unstructured playtime is crucial for children's development. Instead of constantly scheduling activities, children should be free to play at their own pace without feeling pressured to adhere to a schedule. Parents are urged to reduce their children's scheduled activities and give them the space and time to play in their way.

3. Terrible Trend: Loud Screens on Public Transport

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According to one Redditor, watching screens without headphones on public transport is a terrible parenting trend that needs to stop. The loud sounds coming from the screens can disturb other passengers, and it's important to consider the comfort of others and teach children to use headphones in public spaces.

4. Talk About Puberty: Don't Guilt Trip Your Kids

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Parents, don't guilt trip or be embarrassed to talk about maturity and puberty with your children! One commentator warns against this trend, which can lead to negative consequences. Instead, parents should be more open and supportive when discussing these important topics with their kids.

5. Entitlement and Spoiling: Negative Consequences

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Giving in to your child's every whim and desire, even when it's not reasonable or affordable for the family, is a common trend that can have negative consequences. Children can become entitled and spoiled without the value of money or hard work. They may also struggle to cope with disappointment or frustration when they don't get what they want. A child advocate encourages parents to set limits and teach their children the importance of delayed gratification.

6. Franchise Names: Potential Pitfalls

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Naming kids after favorite franchise characters may initially seem cool, but one Redditor points out the potential pitfalls of this parenting trend. They highlight that the appropriateness and outcome of such names can vary greatly. For instance, naming your child “Daenerys” after the popular TV show Game of Thrones may not age well once the show has ended, raising considerations for the child's future.

7. Bullying as Affection: Dangerous Trend

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It's a concerning parenting trend when mothers tell their daughters that if a boy bullies them, it's a sign of affection, warns a commenter. This mindset can be dangerous, as it may lead children to view bullying as a twisted form of love, ultimately causing harm in future relationships. The commentator shares a personal experience of being told this by their own parents, only to face betrayal and heartbreak in a relationship later.

8. Beware of Screen Addiction

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Beware of the trend of allowing young children to become addicted to screens cautions an individual who recognizes the potential negative consequences. While screens can be valuable tools, allowing a two-year-old to become overly dependent on them can have damaging effects. This reliance on technology leads to unhealthy attachment and hampers physical and social development. Parents should strive for a healthy balance and set limits regarding screen time.

9. Unattainable Expectations: Parenting Trauma

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Parents who expect their children to be constantly calm, silent, and flawless, never making mistakes or forgetting anything, are setting them up for trauma, particularly when the children are neurodivergent, states a commentator. This unattainable pressure to be perfect and conform to unrealistic expectations places immense stress and anxiety on children, leading to long-term psychological and emotional issues. Parents must embrace and support their children for who they are, providing understanding and encouragement rather than imposing unattainable standards.

10. Dismissing Teacher Feedback: A Parenting Mistake

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According to another user, dismissing a teacher's report of a child misbehaving is a parenting trend that should be avoided. Believing and addressing such concerns is essential for teaching children accountability and respect for authority figures, including their teachers. Disregarding a teacher's feedback sends the message to the child that their behavior is acceptable and can strain the relationship between the teacher and parent, hindering the child's educational progress.

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