Mario, Bowser & Nintendo Cash-in on Nostalgia, Numbers Don’t Lie

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In the latest Harris Brand Platform case study Nintendo has demonstrated the ability to effectively harness the power of childhood nostalgia to create buzz and enthusiasm for newer game releases among, you guessed it, adults.

Quality Counts

Research shows that the immersive quality of video games is a strong catalyst for triggering nostalgia, more so than any other form of entertainment.

How Old Is Mario Again?

Nintendo harnesses nostalgia by recreating versions of old-school beloved games and reusing familiar and favorite characters across multiple titles, such as the upcoming ninth interaction of the wildly popular Mario Kart franchise that was just announced this year.

Numbers Don't Lie

From December 2021 to January 2022 Nintendo saw a substantial increase in its brand equity score (62.4 to 69.0), which aligned with the brand’s product announcement (purchase consideration: +11.2, perceived product quality: +11).

What About the New Stuff?

There are some critics who argue the remakes of old titles undermine creativity and destroy the original work. Nintendo seems to be tone-deaf to this vocal minority as their nostalgic loyal fan base is read to purchase every new release. The 9th Mario Kart game will release soon to an excited audience.

It is said, “there's nothing like the good ol' days.”

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