10 American Things That Foreigners Don’t Understand

Americans are definitely known for some interesting things. Some good, some bad, but to other countries, a lot of what they do is just confusing.

1. The Free Soft Drink Refill

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Everywhere you go in America, you can get a soft drink. Moreover, most places offer free refills on those soft drinks. As Americans, we think this is normal. But this user says, “a few years back, I took a French in-law to a fast-food place with those newish million-flavor soda dispensers.”

“There were several flavors he had never tried, so I told him to put some in his cup, drink it, throw out what he didn't want, and then try the other flavors. My man looked at me like I was inviting him to commit felonies.”

2. Red Solo Cups

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There is even a song about this red solo cup. The drinks are always served in red solo cups at a party or other gathering. One user said, “What kind of stranglehold does the red plastic cup industry have over there, and why are they superior to other brands?”

3. Ranch Dressing

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Sometimes used as a salad dressing, a dipping sauce, or mixed with another ingredient to make a spread, ranch dressing is very popular and often called the king of condiments. One user comments, “we call this American dressing in other countries.” Another said, “cool ranch Doritos are also called cool Americans!”

4. Tipping

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Tipping is an optional “fee” one might give to someone who assisted them in some way. However, whether serving them food or making coffee, Americans seem to tip for everything. One user commented, “Some restaurants and such will charge automatic gratuity, but most places it's your choice, but social norm guilts many people into tipping even when they don't want to.”

5. Owning a Truck

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In Europe, pickups are mainly owned by builders who constantly need to carry things. One user replied, “There's a strong, but I might need it thing going on in America. People get a pickup for the once a year they might need to haul a piece of furniture.”

Another continued, “They get extra bedrooms in case family ever comes to visit. They build an extra kitchen for that one holiday a year that they'll cook many things at once.”

6. High-Cost Healthcare

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Healthcare is definitely different in America. For example, one user said, “Getting a $60,000 hospital bill for being a victim in a mass shooting.” Another user quickly replied, “There. That's the most American thing I've read here thus far. It's so sad.”

A third user answered, “The way you can make this more American is to explain that first, you need to be making monthly payments for health insurance for years and still have to pay $60,000 because you haven't reached your combined deductible and out-of-pocket maximum, plus the physical therapy and assistance equip you to need to buy just to be able to go to the store are not covered.”

7. Obesity

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Sadly, a country can be known for obesity. But when asking people from other countries what comes to mind when they hear America, obesity seems to be a common answer, even though obesity is not just a problem in the US.

8. Backyard BBQ

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Hot dogs and burgers are standard menu items for a backyard BBQ. One user said, “I love how in the south bbq is a dish. Cooking meat over a fire is either a cookout or grilling, but whatever you call it, cookout or BBQ is a common American practice.”

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9. Superbowl

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“It's basically the equivalent of the Champions League final and having a party or get together to watch that with friends,” one user reported. While people spend months watching their favorite team hoping their team wins, the Superbowl is one of the year's most-watched games.

With the halftime show having big celebrity appearances, the outrages, and fun commercials debuting for the first time, and, of course, watching the sport itself, it's definitely a real American pastime.

10. Two Ages for Adulthood

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When a child reaches the age of 18, they are considered an adult. So they can move out from their parents, go off to college, and even be enlisted in the army. But they cannot drink or buy tobacco products or a handgun.

One user confessed, “I can now go off to war and buy a shotgun, but I can't vote nor buy a handgun. This makes no sense to me.”

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