10 Terrible Fashion Decisions Many Men Make

Some men don't care about their appearance as much as women do. As a result, they wear mismatched clothes, dirty clothes, and clothes with holes in them. Here are the top 10 clothing items women wish men would stop wearing.

1. Too Much Camouflage

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One woman said, “Unless you're hunting or running a military operation, be a big boy and wear normal clothes. Too much camouflage. Hats, shirts, pants, jackets. What's the point of dressing that way? I can't even see you.”

“I generally don't care what people wear, but I swear some people make wearing camo their entire personality.” another added.

2. Jeans That Don't Fit

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One man commented on his experience, “My wife has told me she almost didn't date me because the jeans I wore back in the day were so unflattering, lol. One of the simplest investments you can make into your appearance is a couple of pairs of slim-fit jeans that are the right length.”

One user joked, “I've seen guys wear jeans so loose their butts look like two popped balloons.”

3. Start With Better Grooming Habits

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“Fashion starts with good grooming habits,” one user explained. “If a man has long or dirty nails, a crusty beard, greasy hair, body odor, etc., then it doesn't matter what they're wearing. So get away from me and go take a shower.”

4. Cargo Shorts

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One user commented, “I have no problem with cargo shorts. I, too, love pockets. However, I have a problem with guys who wear cargo shorts too big for them and look like they are basically parachutes.”

5. Saggy Pants

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One user said, “Especially if they're both saggy and tight. The person wearing them has to hold them by the belt buckle and walk like a penguin. How is this attractive?”

Another user commented, “They are still wearing their pants under their butts. There is zero attractiveness in that ridiculous shuffle. They do try to hold their pants up while they walk. Could you stop it? Pull up your pants.”

6. Sunglasses on the Back of Their Head

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“Is this a fashion choice? Or is just a convenient place to put sunglasses when you're in the shade?” one user asked.

One man answered, “Where am I supposed to put them when I'm indoors and working with my hands? You can't lift a couch with sunglasses hanging off your shirt, and putting sunglasses on the top of your head guarantees you get the oil from your hair all over your lenses.”

7. Too Much Jewelry

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One user recalled what she saw, “Some guy I saw recently on the street was wearing two big, gold watches, bracelets, chunky rings, several gold chains. All paired with a ridiculous shirt with too many buttons left unbuttoned. Dude, you don't look hot or wealthy.”

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8. Jackets Too Big

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One user responded, “Ill-fitting jackets. A big jacket isn't going to make your muscles look bigger, and it's going to make you look like a little boy who borrowed his father's jacket.”

Another answered, “We don't do it to look better than we are. It's just comfortable, low effort, and most likely one of the last pieces left before laundry.”

9. Ill Shaped Facial Hair

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Nothing wrong with facial hair. Some guys can look good with the proper beard or mustache, but this user commented, “Wrong beard style for their face shape. Everyone who wants to look good should find the correct haircut for their face shape and beard cut for their face shape.”

10. Holes in Your Clothes

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One user shared, “When I met my partner, he would wear underwear with massive holes and tears. At the start of our relationship, he also casually showed me a pair of medium-grey (used to be white) boxers that were too big for him. He was sure they used to be his dad's. So I now throw out boxers and socks that don't meet the requirements.”

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How I make $11,000 per year renting out my spare rooms?

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