“OK Boomer – It’s Not 1985 Anymore” Outdated Advice Millennials Aren’t Hearing One Bit

Relationship advice can be both valuable and misleading, as people's experiences and perspectives vary greatly. In the realm of relationships, countless pieces of advice are floating around, some insightful and helpful, while others fall into the category of the worst advice ever heard. On an online platform, people shared the most questionable relationship advice.

1. Loyalty Tests: A Lose-Lose Situation

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According to the first user engaging in “loyalty tests” is always a bad idea. Putting someone to the test to assess their loyalty is problematic. Another user recalls a piece of advice from a YouTube therapist who emphasizes that the moment one considers conducting a loyalty test, they have essentially concluded that the relationship is already over. The therapist argues that such tests create a lose-lose situation, where either the partner fails and trust is shattered, or they pass, and the trust between both individuals is compromised due to the lack of faith demonstrated.

2. Challenging Beauty Standards: Intelligence & Laughter

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One individual shares an alarming piece of advice they received from their mother during their teenage years. According to the user, their mother advised them not to showcase their intelligence to boys, as no man would be attracted to a woman who is smarter than him. Furthermore, the user's mother suggested that they should work on their laugh, implying that their genuine laugh would be unattractive to others.

3. Thriving Marriage: Constant Desirability

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Another individual's mom gave them some interesting advice on maintaining a successful marriage. The user's mother, an attractive lady but unhappy in her own marriage, believed that the key to a successful marital relationship is constantly looking desirable. According to her, this conveyed always being well dressed, wearing makeup, and using perfume to keep the husband interested.

4. Engagement Rings: Marketing or Meaning

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A thought-provoking individual shares a perspective on engagement rings that challenges a long-standing belief. The notion of spending three months' salary on an engagement ring was actually a strategy initiated by affluent diamond families to boost sales. They suggest that this standard guideline, ingrained in popular culture, may not be rooted in genuine sentiment but rather a marketing ploy.

5. Ethical Relationships: “She Never Finds Out”

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A depressing piece of advice someone received from a person they once knew. The person stated, “It's not cheating if she never finds out.” This misguided statement reflects a flawed and unethical perspective on relationships. The user emphasizes that the individual offering this advice had a track record of multiple failed marriages, suggesting that their mindset likely contributed to their relationship difficulties.

6. Mind-Reading Expectations in Relationships

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A wise savvy user encountered a questionable piece of relationship advice: “You should always comprehend the thoughts and feelings of your partner; they should never have to tell you.” This perspective implies an unrealistic expectation of mind-reading and unnecessarily burdens both individuals in the relationship. Effective communication is vital for healthy and successful partnerships, and assuming that one should intuitively understand their partner's thoughts and emotions can lead to misunderstandings and frustration.

7. Questionable Advice: Trivialize Grocery Shopping

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One individual shares an amusing yet questionable experience where a friend offered unsolicited advice about their 10-year marriage. The user begins by stating, “I've been in dozens of relationships,” seemingly implying expertise in matters of the heart. However, their advice takes an unexpected turn as they insist that men should not go grocery shopping or something equally trivial. While personal experiences can provide valuable insights, it is important to recognize that each relationship is unique, and generalizing advice based on individual experiences may not always be applicable.

8. Settling in Relationships: Danger Ahead

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One user astutely points out the harmful nature of settling into a relationship, stating that it is the worst advice they have heard. They emphasize the danger of choosing someone based solely on their perceived safety or practicality, disregarding the absence of genuine connection or compatibility.

9. Staying Together for the Kids: A Mistake

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A poignant insight highlighting the detrimental advice of “staying together for the kids” is shared by an observer. Drawing from personal experience as a child in such a situation, they urge others not to follow this advice. While the intention behind staying together may be to provide stability for the children, it often overlooks the negative impact of witnessing an unhappy and unhealthy relationship.

10. Mutual Love & Equality: Rejecting Imbalance

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This commenter strongly disagrees with the advice that one should always find someone who loves them more than they love that person. They emphasize that a healthy and fulfilling relationship should be built on mutual love and equality. The idea of seeking an imbalance in love contradicts the essence of a partnership based on trust, respect, and reciprocity. In a truly loving relationship, both individuals should be equally invested in nurturing their bond and ensuring the happiness and well-being of each other.

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