Retro Lingo 10 Boomer Slang Phrases Millennials Don’t Understand

Some phrases quit to exist. But some people keep them alive. Here are some phrases from the 1960s and 1970s that baby boomers still remember. But these phrases are hard for millennials.

1. Right On

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One commentator shared that she has heard many baby boomers saying ‘right on.' She always gets confused when comprehending the phrase. But with time, she came to know that this phase meant to agree on something. When baby boomers want to accept something to agree with anyone's statement, they admit it by saying it right on.

2. Tight

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There are a lot of phrases that were common in the boomer's age. But now, these phrases are considered obsolete words. In the baby boomers' time, people used to say a tight friendship or tight relationship. And this tight means a close company. Or it shows the intensity of the relationship. If today any millennial listens to ‘tight friendship,' he will find it hard to grab the statement.

3. Hippie

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In the 1960s and 1970s, the phrase hippie was very commonly used to describe a person with a specific appearance—a man with long hair who takes illusion drugs and does not follow conventional trends and customs. But now, this phrase is not used with the meaning. Thus millennials get disturbed when they hear these words from baby boomers.

4. Groovy

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Like fashion and trends come and go, similarly, a few phrases and terms get famous in their time and vanish after that time. ‘Groovy' is this kind of term. When baby boomers want to appreciate anything, they say, ‘It is groovy.' This term can be used for any cool things, splendid fashion any enjoyable or entertaining thing. Today this phrase is lost and can not be recognized with the same meaning.

5. Funky

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Funky is a slang phrase. It was commonly used in the 1960s. It was used for vibrant-colored, cool, stylish, and unique things or looks. The people of the 1960s are baby boomers now. And they are still keeping alive this phrase. They pass this phrase as remarks on fashionable, talkative girls and colorful and glittery decorations.

6. Cool Beans

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Today Gen Z and millennials say it is cool or it is attractive. For a person, they used to say, ‘he is intelligent' or ‘he is smart.' but baby boomers have another interesting phrase for these compliments. They say ‘cool beans.' This phrase covers intelligent and smart people, ‘that's great' or ‘it is fantastic. Millennials fail to grab the meaning of this phrase.

7. Outta Sight

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One old man stated that once he was shopping in a mall. And he was searching for good sneakers. The shopkeeper brings one, and he likes it. Does he appreciate the sneakers by saying ‘outta sight.' the salesman is blank and asks, yes, sir? Then the baby boomer recalls that Gen Z is unable to understand this phrase, which means ‘it is impressive or amazing.'

8. Can You Dig It?

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‘Can you dig it' sounds like a common phrase that reflects the meaning of asking someone to dig any pit. But this phrase is not that much simple. Baby boomers say this phrase when leading someone with any concept, theory, or reality. They ask whether you understand me by saying, ‘Can you dig it?'. these phrases are not in use now, so millennials scratch their heads after hearing these phrases.

9. Bread 

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‘Bread' is another phrase that is not common today. In baby boomers' time, people used to ask each other what do you do for bread? Or how do you earn your bread? These statements mean to ask about the earning ways. This phrase is replaced with, what is your profession, or who are you by profession? Even millennials are not satisfied by this phrase.

10. Far Out

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One commentator claimed in comments that when people have to express their surprising remarks, they say wow, amazing, extraordinary, or mind-blowing. But her grandpa says ‘far out.' She learned this phrase because she had grown up with her grandpa. And all her school fellow do not know this phrase. Not even the neighborhood could understand this phrase. Because it only belongs to baby boomers.

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