10 Outdated Phrases People No Longer Believe In

In our daily conversations, we often hear common phrases that have become ingrained in our culture. However, with time and changing values, many of these phrases no longer hold true or are considered outdated. Recently on an online platform, people shared phrases that people no longer believe in.

1. Shoplifting Deterrence Illusion

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Someone finds it hard to believe that the “Please wait while an employee is on their way to assist you” message effectively prevents shoplifting. The user ponders whether this simple message is the technological breakthrough retail stores have sought to combat theft. The user imagines a thief might think, “Aw dangit, they told me to wait,” but is this really enough to deter someone from stealing?

2. Looks Matter in Society

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A social media user wrote that the phrase “looks don't matter” is something they no longer believe in. The user expresses that even though they wish it were true, the reality is that people who look better are often treated better. The user acknowledges that physical appearance often affects how individuals are perceived and treated in society.

3. Shattering “What Doesn't Kill You” Myth

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“What doesn't kill you makes you stronger” is no longer something people believe in. The commenter argues that just because something didn't kill you doesn't necessarily mean you'll come out stronger. Some people may come out of difficult experiences feeling more broken than before. The phrase may also imply that one must suffer in order to grow, which is not always the case.

4. Passion Myth Debunked

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A dissenting voice challenges the age-old saying, “Follow your passion, and work will feel like play! The individual argued that they would rather pursue a well-paying career over their passions or hobbies being wrecked by office politics. They contend that keeping work and personal interests apart is preferable to prevent losing enjoyment from the things they love to do.

5. Fate or Free Will

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The phrase “Everything happens for a reason” is that many people no longer believe in, claims a wise observer. Although the proverb may provide some solace under trying circumstances, many people today doubt its accuracy. People frequently think they are in charge of their fates and can forge their own life pathways. Additionally, the expression downplays the significance of chance and randomness in life occurrences while oversimplifying complex situations.

6. Karma Unmasked

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“What goes around, comes around” have lost its credibility for this user who strongly believes that it is completely not true. They claim to have witnessed people being nasty and never facing any consequences for their actions, completely debunking the popular notion of karma.

7. Forgiveness With Caution

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Another participant questioned the statement's validity, “The practice of forgiveness is one of our most important contributions to healing in the world.” Even while they understand how important forgiveness is, they prefer the Scottish proverb that reads, “Forgive your enemy, but remember the bastard's name.” They contend that to safeguard oneself from potential harm in the future, it is crucial to forgive the person's actions while remaining aware of them.

8. Hold Accountable for Conflict

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A commentator made a remark stating their disagreement with the saying, “I don't care who started it.” Their stance emphasized the importance of holding the aggressor accountable and ensuring that justice is served. They contend that to address the issue and stop it from happening again, it is essential to establish who initiated the problem. Ignoring the source of the issue would not solve it; instead, it would continue.

9. The Power of Consent

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Somebody complained about the saying “Don't take no for an answer,” saying that sometimes “no” truly means “no.” This sentiment is especially pertinent when discussing consent because respecting other people's limits is crucial, as avoiding pressuring or forcing them to do anything they don't want to. While tenacity and tenacity can be useful traits in some circumstances, it's equally crucial to know when to accept a “no” and go on.

10. Breaking Harmful Stereotypes

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The phrase “boys will be boys” is outdated and harmful. The phrase often excuses boys' misbehavior and normalizes aggressive or violent behavior. Another phrase commonly used to justify such behavior is “he bullies you because he likes you,” which is also criticized as sending the wrong message to young children. Both phrases suggest that negative behavior is acceptable or even desirable in certain circumstances. However, these comments argue that this thinking is problematic and can lead to a culture that excuses harmful behavior and perpetuates harmful gender stereotypes.

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