10 Difficult Obstacles That You May Face In Life

Every single person meets an incident at least once in his life, which changes all of his life perspective. Such incidents are strong enough to force people to adopt a prominent change in them. Here, we are going to discuss the stories of some people who overcame life's challenging obstacles and redefined themselves.

1. Lost Vision

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Life is no doubt full of obstacles, but what a person feels when he loses one of his main five senses. It will be obviously disappointing and heartbreaking enough to alter one's whole life. A person shared that he lost his vision for a week at 19. After that, he was declared legally blind (legally blind is not the same as total blindness). This incident made him more introverted, changed his career, and gave him the strength to live with hope.

2. Death of Parents

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You can imagine what would be the life of a 10-year-old boy when his father died and left him at the mercy of his stepmother. It happened with one of the commenters who explained that after his father's death, he left his home because of his stepmother's irresponsibility. He started working at different restaurants. He kept working at different jobs and saved money to fulfill his life requirements. 

3. Misfortune With 10 Years of Struggle

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You will nearly lose all of your hope when you find the project on which you have been working for the last ten years is ruined totally now. One contributor explained that he lost his computer in which he had all the files of new games he was working on. He had to complete his game files and then present them to the world. Losing the computer was a shock for him. But he still had hope and succeeded in recovering his games.

4. Anxiety Disorder

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The psychological conditions are usually enough to ruin the peace of someone's life. Particularly, when it comes to anxiety, it can be disturbing in every life situation. It makes a lot of the changes in the sufferers. The changes can be positive or negative, depending on the response of the patients. One person expressed that the anxiety disorder made him realize that he could make better use of his brain (by managing his symptoms).

5. A Deadly Accident

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Sometimes, we feel guilt about things that we don't have even done in our lives. This guilt overwhelms the rest of life and is worse enough to destroy all happiness. According to an individual, he lost his wife and a vehicle in an accident. Fortunately, he survived that accident, but he always felt the guilt of being the sole survivor.

6. Genetic Disorder

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The rare genetic disorders with untreatable results are scary enough to break your heart into countless pieces. But, your struggle can help you in defeating these unthinkable obstacles of your life as well. An individual shared that he was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder. The doctor told his parents that he would never be able to walk. But his parents didn't lose hope and made him successful in walking. 

7. Depression

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Nothing can be more devastating than the depression in someone's life. A person shared that depression always haunted him from his life occasions. But he succeeded in finding ways to get rid of it. He started adding multiple activities to his routine to divert his mind. Walking for long in nature and enjoying yoga always boosted the positive vibes in him.

8. Addiction

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Addiction makes a person a slave and snatches all of his freedom. It is not really easy to get rid of any kind of addiction. But once you succeed, you'll find out how soothing the feeling is. An individual depicted that he got rid of alcohol and cigarette addiction. It changed all of his life perspectives, and he realized that he could be the better version of himself.

9. Public Speaking

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A lack of confidence can prevent you from progressing in both your professional and personal lives. A person shared that he was always afraid of the public speaking. But he was well aware of its importance. He took classes to boost his confidence, and he succeeded. Now, he was able to attend multiple conferences and meetings and teach others to learn public speaking.

10. House Fire

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Anybody can meet with any tragedy at any time. According to a contributor, her house caught fire. She and her mother were struck in different rooms. Firemen were unaware of their presence in the house. Then, she was admitted to a hospital far from where her mother was admitted. This incident changed her life perspective.

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How I make $11,000 per year renting out my spare rooms?

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