10 Stories of Ruined Childhoods Due To Overly Strict Parents

Some parents are so strict that their adult children talk about it years and even decades later. Here are their stories.

1. Strict Rules: Confined to Your Room Without a Valid Reason

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Can you imagine being confined to your room without a valid reason to leave? According to a wise commentator, that was their reality growing up due to their parent's strict code of conduct. While this rule may have been well-intentioned, it could have significantly impacted a child's social and emotional development.

2. The Harmful Effects of a Father's Strict Hugging Rule

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For some people, hugging their mother is a natural and loving act. But it was a source of shame and discomfort for one heartfelt user. Their strict father imposed a time limit on hugging their mother and would call them homosexual slurs if they hugged for too long. This hurtful and rigid rule can leave lasting effects on a person's mental health and ability to form healthy relationships. It's a painful reminder of parents' power over their children and the need for love and acceptance in all its forms.

3. Breaking the Rules: Shaving Legs Before 16

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Even glamorous divas have to follow the rules set by their parents. One rule for a particular diva was not to shave her legs until she was 16. However, as rebellious teenagers tend to do, she took matters into her own hands at 12. Unfortunately, her mother found out and promptly grounded her for breaking the rule.

4. Discriminatory Music Rules: The Impact on a Child's Identity

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The music we listen to can reflect who we are and what we believe in. But for one critical thinker, their parents strictly controlled their musical choices. They were prohibited from listening to Vanilla Ice's music because their parents labeled it “black music.” This narrow-minded rule was a manifestation of their parents' discriminatory beliefs and desired to control their children's exposure to different cultures and perspectives. It's hard to imagine the kind of impact this kind of control can impact a child's worldview and identity.

5. No Autonomy: Seeking Permission for Everything

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As a child, did you ever feel like you were always being monitored and restricted? An expert in the field has revealed that they had to seek permission whenever they wanted to consume anything growing up. They were not allowed to grab food or drinks independently, and this rule left them feeling like they had no autonomy.

6. Adventure Restricted: Never Allowed to Venture Out Alone

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Having strict parents can be a real challenge for the adventurous among us. One such explorer shared that they could always venture out with others. Even if they were eight years older than their younger sibling, they could only leave the house if their sibling had a friend to play with.

7. Mail Rules: Only One Family Member Allowed To Open It

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In every household, certain rules must be followed. But have you ever heard of a rule allowing only one family member to collect the mail? According to a knowledgeable family member, their father was the only one allowed to open the mail, regardless of who it was addressed to. This rule applied to everyone in the house, and there were no exceptions.

8. Harsh Punishments: Grounded for a Late School Bus

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Can you imagine being punished for something completely out of your control? That's what happened to one unfortunate soul who got grounded for two months because their school bus was running late. It's hard to imagine the reason behind such a harsh punishment, but it's clear that the consequences were completely disproportionate to the situation. What kind of parents would inflict such a punishment on their child? It's a mystery that may never be solved.

9. Fearful Mealtime: Punished for Meal Choice

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Food is more than just nourishment for some people – it's a way of life. But for one foodie, it was a source of fear and anxiety. Their father had a strict rule about meal choices, and if they didn't immediately state what they wanted to eat, they would be punished by adding onions and garlic to their dish. It's hard to imagine the terror of making a snap decision about what to eat, knowing that the wrong choice could lead to culinary punishment. For this user, mealtime was a stressful experience they would always remember.

10. Rigid Mealtime Structure: Denied Food and Smacked at the Table

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Mealtime can be a time of family bonding and connection, but for some, it's a time of fear and tension. This was the case for one family member who grew up with a strict parent with a unique mealtime rule. They had to eat their beans first on their plate and then move clockwise through their meal. Failure to follow this strict rule could result in being denied any further food and being smacked at the dinner table. This rigid structure can create a tense and potentially abusive environment that is anything but enjoyable.

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