Parenting Pitfalls: 10 Red Flags That Scream ‘I’m a Bad Parent’

Parenting Pitfalls: 10 Red Flags That Scream ‘I'm a Bad Parent'

Parenting is undoubtedly challenging when people are utterly concerned about their families. Parents also learn from their kids as they experience the most joyful yet panicking journey. Nobody is perfect when it comes to raising a child. Regarding this, some red flags clearly say that something’s not right. Let’s enlighten such red flags from the online reviews of people.

Lack of Communication

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It’s not that difficult to talk about anything. A young student shared the story of a kid in her neighborhood who never talked to anyone. She visited them and noticed that he sat in his home as if he was on some training or drill. She also shared that that kid's parents never noticed that they didn't communicate with their child. She was convinced they were not raising the child with kindness and open communication.

Targeting Individuality of Child

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Every child has unique interests, habits, and behavior. A boy talked about his parent's behavior in childhood. His parents always overlooked his interests as a child. His parents used to make him copy the habits of famous students in his class. He could never show them his interests or what he loved to do. Overlooking a kid’s individuality is a red flag.

Setting Standards

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Asking kids to achieve a particular standard is unhealthy for a child’s personality. A college student shared that her mother always asked her to wear some ‘standard’ clothing while going out. Also, her mother asked her to raise her standards and not sit in the company of lower-class students. She said she lost some of her loyal friends due to this mindset of her mother. 

Lack of Boundaries

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Understanding the limit and setting some boundaries is a sign of teaching rights and wrongs. A young small business owner shared that she had never deceived anybody, and it was due to her parent’s teaching. She shared that they had some rules in their home when she was a kid. Her parent asked her not to cross the mentioned limits, and all the siblings learned that their parents taught them a precious lesson about setting some boundaries. And if they didn’t, her siblings might haven’t grown that well.


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Teaching a child by harsh scolding or punishment isn’t healthy. A woman met her brother after years and shared that her father used to beat her brother on every other thing he did. Her brother used to hide his feelings, interests, and every small thing from his father and became an introvert. He never came out of his room except for some urgency. Her father and brother still have a silent relationship.

Forgetting Birthdays

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Celebrating moments and birthdays of children makes them feel special. A high school student shared that her friend cried for an hour when she realized that her parents hadn’t wished her a birthday as they don’t remember it. The girl understood that it’s important to remember and celebrate in any way the special days of children.

Ignoring Mental Health

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If children behave weirdly or adopt some habit that doesn't seem right, parents should immediately look after their mental health. An American guy shared the story of his friend’s daughter, who collected dead birds and insects from the park. He asked her father to ask about his daughter. He said it isn’t a matter of concern. But the man knew that his friend’s daughter had a mental health issue, and it could be harmful in the future if her father ignored it.

Controlling Independence

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Asking unnecessary questions on every activity of kids is not beneficial. An employee shared that her mother used to control her independence. She was never allowed whenever she asked her mother to permit her to stay at a friend’s home or go on a trip. Her mother tried to interfere in every matter unnecessarily. Eventually, she left home earlier than her 20s and lived independently.


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Asking children to become like somebody or comparing them with others makes them feel inferior. It also leads to building personality complexes. A university student said that her mother had always asked her to put fairness creams on her face to become fair like her cousins. Due to this, she always felt ashamed in class, even though nobody questioned her complexion.

Not Leading by Example

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Children copy their parents. A new woman in town said that she visited her neighborhood where a child used to live with his parents. His parents asked him to do things that they never did. For instance, they asked him to behave politely in every situation and bullied each other whenever they argued.

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