10 Instances of People Being Jerks to Strangers

In our daily interactions, we often come across strangers who surprise us with their words. Sometimes, these encounters are hilariously bizarre, leaving us both amused and bewildered. Recently on an online platform, people shared some of the most amusing and absurd things people said to them.

1. The Midnight Bus Stop Encounter

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While waiting for the bus at midnight, an individual found themselves engrossed in their phone, donning a hood to combat the chilly weather. Suddenly, a stranger approached them with an urgent declaration: “My girlfriend is gone.” Without skipping a beat, the user responded with sympathy, acknowledging the sadness of the situation. The stranger then requested a gesture of support, asking the user to touch their shoulder for strength. Obliging, the user briefly made contact, puzzled by the peculiar encounter. As the stranger continued on their way, the user couldn't help but reflect on the strange experiences that can unfold in the peculiar realm of bus stops.

2. Quizzed by a Curious Stranger

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A man shares an unexpected situation while strolling downtown with their girlfriend. A woman, likely in her forties, coincidentally arrived at a crosswalk simultaneously. Embracing her outgoing nature, the girlfriend greeted the lady with a warm smile and a friendly hello. To their surprise, the woman engaged them in an improvised quiz, testing their knowledge of U.S. history and geography. Curiously, she walked alongside them, firing off questions until they reached their destination. With laughter and bewilderment, the couple exchanged glances, admiring the random meeting that had bestowed them with an unexpected pop quiz.

3. Unconventional Perfume Store Conversation

Woman shopping for perfume.
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A perfume store employee commented on an unusual experience during their time working. A man approached them, questioning their decision to pursue a career in law despite having no interest in the field. Then he sprayed a perfume tester on the commenter, explaining that it would allow them to experience how it smelled on a woman. The conversation took an even stranger turn as he probed about the skills required for their job and questioned their intelligence in pursuing law school. They couldn't help but feel discomfort and curiosity at the man's unconventional behavior.

4. Parking Lot Pedestrian Perplexity

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While crossing a parking lot, one individual was in an unexpected conflict with a driver. As they walked in front of a slowly moving car, the passenger, a lady, suddenly rolled down her window and scolded the individual for not using a designated crosswalk. Despite being in the middle of a parking lot rather than a busy street, the passenger insisted on enforcing the rules of pedestrian etiquette. Alarmed by the experience, the individual hurried their pace to avoid any further argument and walked away.

5. The Bewildering Club Encounter

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Another person shares an eyebrow-raising incident that unfolded during a visit to a club. Engaging in harmless flirting, they were approached by an attractive young woman who initiated a lively dance with them. However, their joy was short-lived when an older gentleman approached, revealing himself as the girl's father. Startled by this revelation, the father expressed his desire for the user to “take good care of her” as it was her birthday. Feeling confused and uncomfortable with the situation, the user chose to distance themselves all night, opting to avoid further interactions with the girl and her family.

6. Boring But Mistakenly a Man

Happy woman talking with a customer at a desk.
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A storyteller recounts an encounter they had at a bookstore where a mother made a perplexing comment in their presence. The mother, accompanied by her daughter, pointed in the user's direction and remarked, “You don't want a book; you'll be a boring person like that man.” Though offended by being labeled as “boring,” the user found humor in the fact that they were referred to as a man, seeing it as an unintended compliment. Reflecting on the incident, the user acknowledges the quirks of human interactions, where passing comments from strangers can simultaneously amuse and puzzle those involved.

7. Flirting Fiasco Behind the Counter

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While working behind a store counter, an imaginative individual experienced an unexpected outbreak from a customer they had casually flirted with. As their boss called them to the back of the store, they bid farewell to the girl. In an abrupt turn of events, the girl vented her frustration by throwing the drink she had just purchased onto the floor and shouting curses. Startled by this sudden change in behavior, they found themselves caught off guard, left to grapple with the puzzling and intense reaction that had unfolded before them.

8. Mistaken Identity as Harry Potter

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When walking down the sidewalk, a wanderer encountered a stranger who made a curious remark. The stranger approached them and exclaimed, “Look, it's Harry Potter!” despite the individual bearing little resemblance to the famous fictional character. Stumped by the comment, the user found themselves momentarily taken aback by the stranger's odd observation.

9. The Unexpected Valentine's Day Gift

Couple with gift box
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A dreamer shares a perplexing encounter on a bus when a fellow passenger initiates an unusual conversation. Despite being a slightly chubby female, the stranger inquired about their workout routine and questioned whether their boyfriend would treat them well on Valentine's Day. Revealing their single status, the individual was surprised when the stranger presented them with a packet of lined paper, claiming to have found it. In a humorous twist, they humorously regarded this unexpected gift as the “best Valentine's Day present ever,” highlighting the unpredictability of encounters with strangers and the memorable moments they can create.

10. Relieved of Boyfriendly Duties

Couple walking in street
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An explorer narrates a curious incident where an unfamiliar girl approached them and proclaimed, “You are hereafter relieved of your boyfriend duties!” officially and formally. Bewildered by the sudden and enigmatic statement, the user watched the girl confidently walk away, leaving them shocked and confused. This unusual event left the user pondering the audacity of the girl's declaration and the peculiar circumstances that can arise when interacting with strangers.

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