10 Pieces of Advice People Got That Were Surprisingly Effective

Have you ever received some weird advice that actually worked for you? Sometimes the most bizarre pieces of advice are effective. Recently on an online platform, people have shared some of the weirdest pieces of advice they have received and admitted were surprisingly useful.

1. The Limits of Perfectionism

When a person faced burnout at work, their boss offered a peculiar piece of wisdom. “No matter how precisely you stack bricks, they'll eventually topple if you keep piling them up endlessly,” the boss remarked. The point was clear – even if one does their job with perfection, there comes the point where they can only handle work with everything falling apart.

2. The Power of Confidence

Embarrassment can feel like a big deal, but for a person, it's only as significant as you make it. As they've grown older, they've learned to embrace the truth in this advice. Feeling embarrassed is often self-imposed, and it loses its impact by refusing to give it power. This mindset has helped them feel more confident and less self-conscious in social situations.

3. Mind Your Own Business: The Secret to Longevity

A granddad who lived for 95 years shared a unique secret to a long and happy life – “Mind your own business.” Although seemingly bizarre, the advice implied that focusing on one's own life instead of meddling with others could reduce stress and lead to a happier life.

4. Pretend to Choke: An Effective Escape Plan

Someone discovered an unusual but practical piece of advice from their 7-year-old daughter. The daughter suggested that if one finds themselves in an awkward situation, they could pretend to choke on something as a quick escape to get a glass of water. Though strange, the parent found it both funny and effective.

5. Success Through Silence

Another user received unusual yet useful advice from John Oliver – “If you sit quietly while everyone else messes up, you'll win big.” By not being a loud morons like some of their peers and instead focusing on doing their job, they landed multiple jobs and school opportunities.

6. Repetition for Recall

Want to remember something? Repeat it three times! This technique is an excellent way to solidify information in your brain, whether you jot it down or say it aloud. Remembering names, in particular, can be challenging, but repetition can help prevent them from slipping your mind.

7. Avoid Excuses

Should you offer an excuse if you're late or need to cancel plans? An individual shared it's best to do only if someone specifically asks. Instead, be straightforward about whether you're running behind or can't make it. This approach can prevent unnecessary conflicts and judgments while also demonstrating accountability for your actions.

8. Don't Be Afraid to Ask

A user learned a strange yet effective life lesson – “Make them say no.” The advice was given when they hesitated about applying for a job, asking for a promotion or a raise. This approach encouraged them to take chances without fearing rejection or failure, resulting in incredible achievements that seemed impossible before.

9. Controlling Anger with One-Liners

Anger and remorse are shadow companions, with remorse always a step behind,” someone advised another person struggling with their temper. This powerful statement served as a reminder that giving in to anger can lead to regret later on. By keeping this in mind, the individual was better equipped to approach situations with a calmer mindset.

10. The Witchcraft of Hiccup Cures

Can you cure hiccups by simply saying, “You're not a fish”? According to the final commenter, an unusual but effective method they learned from a coworker, the answer is yes! This advice may seem strange, but it has proven successful time and time again. Given the cure's success rate, the person even jokes that their coworker might be a witch. They've even sent a text message to express their gratitude to their coworker when it worked, feeling like they've experienced pure magic.

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Source: Reddit


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